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organizedSystematic Marketing

You will understand your businesses marketing strategy and what tactics are required to execute with confidence.

quality-leadsQuality Leads

Your marketing will generate higher-quality leads and will provide the process to manage these leads more effectively.

customers-you-likeIdeal Customers

Your marketing will attract the type of customers you like to work with and that value what you do.

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How Does Our Marketing Process Work?

Step-1Marketing Audit

Step 1:
Get started by completing the MarketBlazer Business Marketing Strategy Audit. The Business Marketing Strategy Audit is a valuable tool that measures the effectiveness of your existing marketing strategy. More...

Step-2In-house Assessment

Step 2:
Next, we conduct a multi-phase discovery process which includes management interviews and a review of your current marketing implementation, ideal client, messaging and competition. More...

Step-3Marketing Action Plan

Step 3:
Built on a solid strategy, we put into action the best program for your business that will increase the effectiveness of your marketing and improve your marketing return on investment. More...

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How The MarketBlazer Process Is Different!

There is a problem with Small Business Marketing. It has very quickly changed from simple and straight-forward to extremely difficult and ever changing. In fact, many small business owners feel marketing has become complicated, confusing and overly costly. Further, they simply don’t have the time required to focus on marketing and stay current with the latest lead generation strategies.

Not that long ago, businesses could rely on the local yellow pages, newspaper ads, or radio spots to drive new leads and customers through their doors. If their product or service was valuable to their customers and they treated their customers with respect, their business would grow.

Unfortunately, those days are long gone. Today it's all about Digital Marketing.

Today, businesses are forced to navigate dozens of different marketing channels to communicate, engage and hopefully acquire new customers and even keep once loyal existing customers, and needless to say they can't do it alone. As a result, many small business owners are feeling stressed out about how to find new customers and grow their business.

At MarketBlazer, we understand the challenges and frustrations associated with running a small business. We know the stress that goes along with trying to grow your business. We believe small business marketing should be affordable, effective and straight-forward.

Have you ever said to yourself “If I can just get in front of more qualified prospects, I can almost always turn them into customers. I just need more prospects”? Well, we can help!

And as Digital Marketing experts, here’s how we do it:

Step 1: You begin by completing the Business Marketing Strategy Audit, which is followed up by a review of your answers with Master Marketing Consultant Ray L. Perry.

Step 2: We conduct a multi-phase discovery process which includes interviews with your management team, and a review of your current marketing implementation, ideal client, messaging and competition.

Step 3: We put into action the best marketing program for your business developed to increase the effectiveness of your marketing and improve your overall marketing return on investment.

So, Get Started Today by completing the Business Marketing Strategy Audit, so you can stop feeling stressed about marketing your business, and instead your marketing will become organized and systematic, you will start working with clients that value your products and/or service and you will start generating higher-quality leads.

Do You Feel Like You Are Getting Left Behind In the Ever Changing World of Online Marketing?

The Total Online Presence Audit

With the MarketBlazer Total Online Presence Audit, and the subsequent plan of action we build for you, you'll have a complete picture of your current online presence and a roadmap to help you do the things you need to do, to dominate your market.

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Take Control Of Your Marketing With Our Superior Marketing Services

strategy first

Marketing Strategy

Start by developing your Marketing Strategy First and you will have a clear plan to fulfill your business marketing goals. Once you complete your strategic action plan, you will have a clear vision of how to accomplish your marketing goals, a clear understanding of your Ideal Customer,  More...


Inbound Marketing

Interruption Marketing is ineffective and all but dead. Inbound Marketing is about attracting customers rather than hunting for them. Utilizing the many forms of ‘pull’ marketing available today such as SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing you will create More...

content marketing

Website Design

In an increasingly online world, great website design is becoming ever more critical to business success. As many as eight out of ten customers will derive their first impression based entirely on online impressions, primarily, the excellence of the company’s website.  More...



As more and more people search for local businesses on their computers and mobile devices, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that your business is as close to the top of the search results as possible.  More...


Content Marketing

Developing a clear Content Strategy is critical to publishing interesting and engaging content, highly-relevant to your ideal customer, written in a way that will grab and keep their attention. Today, every business needs to become a publisher of information about your products and services,  More...


Social Media

Social Media Marketing is about creating and sharing content that builds an engaged audience of loyal fans, improving your brand loyalty and improving conversion rates. It allows you to catch their attention, provide useful, entertaining, and helpful information, and persuade   More…


Directory Marketing

Enhance your company’s visibility and improve search engine results placement by getting your small business listed where it matters most. If you want to make it easy for new customers to find your business – even if they don’t know your name yet – you’ve got to get listed More...

Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Your company’s online reputation is critical to your success. Reputation Management is the process of tracking and controlling your company’s online reputation. This includes addressing content that may be damaging, and using reviews and other customer feedback   More...

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MarketBlazer Business Marketing Strategy Audit

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What's My Investment?

What is the opportunity cost of not having an effective online marketing program in place? How much is the lack of a clear marketing strategy costing you? How long before you take advantage of on-line marketing tactics to grow your business? How much is it costing you not to have a system in-place to generate and manage high-quality leads? How long before you operate with a predefined marketing budget and an organized approach on how and where your marketing money is spent with measurable results?

Social Engagement Program
  • Custom Social Media Posting
  • Blog Content Creation and Posting
  • Press Release Marketing
  • Customer Review Management
  • Online Directory Management

Inbound Marketing Program
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Directory Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Reputation Management

Reputation Management Program
  • 24/7 Review Monitoring
  • Custom Review Funnel Website
  • Online Directory Management
  • Automated Email Invitation System
  • Review Marketing Material

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About Ray L. Perry

Ray L. Perry, Chief Marketing Officer of MarketBlazer, Inc., is a master marketing consultant, business advisor and author. Ray's background includes 25 years experience in senior sales and marketing roles with technology companies, including V.P. of Sales and Marketing and Chief Operating Officer. Ray is a Master Marketing Consultant, certified by Duct Tape Marketing, StoryBrand Certified Guide, Sales Funnel Specialist, certified by Digital Marketer, SEO for Growth Certified Consultant and Top SEO Agency for 2017, by UpCity. Ray is the author of “Guide to Marketing your Business Online” (2011), and co-author of Renewable Referrals: How to Cultivate more Profits (2014), The Small Business Owners Guide to Local Lead Generation: Proven Strategies & Tips to Grow your Business (2015), winner of the Marketing Book of the Year in 2016, Do Leadership: A step-by-step Guide to Doing Thought Leadership (2016) and the soon to be released “Avid Strategy: How Focus, Culture and Commitment can grow your Small Business“ (2018).

Ray is also the co-author of the "Marketing Guides for Small Businesses" eBook series which includes the following eBooks;"Local SEO" (2015), "Google AdWords" (2016) and "Reputation Management" (2017).

Learn more about Ray's books on his Amazon Author Profile.

Visit Ray's personal website at

Below are a few accolades for Ray's books.

Marketing Books by Ray L. Perry

Renewable Referrals

Small Business Owner's Guide to Local Lead Generation

Do Leadership: A step-by-step Guide to Doing Thought Leadership

Avid Strategy

Renewable Referrals

What I enjoyed most about this book is the practical approach it takes towards strategic partnering for referrals.

Renewable Referrals takes a systematic approach to referrals and breaks it down into actionable pieces that will repeatedly produce consistent results year after year.

John Jantsch Author of Duct Tape Marketing and The Referral Engine

The Small Business Owner's Guide to Local Lead Generation

As a small business owner, you don't have a war chest of money to burn on marketing and advertising. What you need is a way to take smarter action that gets the right results. Read this guide to Local Lead Generation and you'll see more leads come in, period.

Brian Clark CEO, Copyblogger Media

The Small Business Owner's Guide to Local Lead Generation

Smart small business owners realize that they have significant advantages over their larger, more cumbersome competition. This book will teach you how to fight with the big guys and win.

Eric Enge CEO of Stone Temple Consulting, Author of The Art of SEO

The Small Business Owner's Guide to Local Lead Generation

This is a great book for small business owners looking to connect with local prospects and customers without spending a lot of time or money. It's written by marketing experts with simple ideas and case studies that will help them grow their businesses!

Jon Ferrara CEO, Nimble

The Small Business Owner's Guide to Local Lead Generation

Since I work with a lot of small businesses, I see first hand how big of an impact local search and marketing has. I'd recommend The Small Business Owner's Guide to Local Lead Generation to any small business owners who wants to start developing and implementing the same strategies big companies do to dominate their local market.

Kelsey Jones Executive Editor at Search Engine Journal

The Small Business Owner's Guide to Local Lead Generation

Growing your small business is hard, and you need to find customers to do it. The Small Business Owner's Guide to Local Lead Generation will help you make that happen.

Mike McDerment Co-founder and CEO, FreshBooks

The Small Business Owner's Guide to Local Lead Generation

If you're serious about learning powerful tactics to grow your local business, this book is for you. The authors' experience as both Duct Tape Marketing Consultants and BNI members makes them uniquely qualified to explain small business marketing in a way that's easy to understand, even for someone without a background in marketing.

Dr. Ivan Misner Ph.D., founder of BNI, and coauthor of the New York Times bestseller, Masters of Networking

The Small Business Owner's Guide to Local Lead Generation

This is a great resource for any local business that is trying to figure out how they can generate leads and ultimately revenue for thei business. I highly recommend it.

Dan Olson CEO,

The Small Business Owner's Guide to Local Lead Generation

While skeptical when I was first approached to review this book, I was pleasantly surprised by the insight and value The Small Business Owner's Guide to Local Lead Generation book provides. I feel though that the value they are offering extends well beyond just local lead generation and can easily apply to David and Goliath situations in non-local business. What I like most is its emphasis on understanding your users, and the need to apply sweat equity into the process, not chase the latest tactics and trends. I will be sharing this book with my own marketing team, and recommend you do as well. Wading through the mountain of noise on the web is difficult, when you come across practical sound advice, you have to jump on it!

Tony Perez Co-Founder/CEO at Sucuri, Inc.

Do Leadership

The era of the "Thought Leader" is over. If you want to rapidly grow your audience today, you need to be seen as an action leader. And Do Leadership is a step-by-step guide that will show you how to shift from "Thought Leader" to "Do Leader" in a matter of days. Highly recommended.

Brian Dean Founder & CEO Backlinko

Do Leadership

If you roll your eyes when you hear the term "thought leader", this book is for you. The authors of Do Leadership present thought leadership in hype-free and pragmatic terms, a hallmark of their Duct Tape Marketing pedigree. And the book exemplifies the principles it espouses: a unique perspective and authentic voice that make us perk up and pay attention. Plus, some parts are laugh-out-loud funny!

Jon Hall Founder & CEO

Do Leadership

If you want to stand out in a crowded entrepreneurial field as a Small Business Owner and be seens as the most highly valued individual to do business with over your competition, then you want to be recognized as the leader in your niche. So how do you become that magnet, one that attracts business over your competition verse wasting marketing dollars with little or no results? You know, the one that makes your competition jealous and stay up all night dreaming to be more like you? It all start with "Doing" Thought Leadership and this is the book that shows you exactly how to do it, step-by-step and be that business your competitors fantasize of becoming one day.

Mike Kawula CEO, Social Quant

Do Leadership

Anything that comes from the Duct Tape Marketing brand is solid gold. And, this book is no different. It's also an important book. Leadership is hard but without real leadership there are no sales, no effective marketing campaigns and no business development that makes a difference. Read this book. Your future depends on it.

Michael Port NY Times, WSJ bestseller of Book Yourself Solid and Steal the Show

Do Leadership

While there are many self-appointed thought leaders among us today, we all know that true thought leadership is spoken through action - Do Leadership will teach you how to lead with insight and heart.

Carrie Wilkerson The Barefoot Executive

Ray L Perry Authpority Badges #2

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