Why Is Video Marketing In The 2020s So Important For Small Business?

Today, running a small business means competing against other companies with more resources. To get ahead of the competition, you need to be intelligent about marketing your business. Is video marketing in the 2020s one of the best ways to market your business? Yes. Among the most effective tools, you could use today is video marketing. In terms of dollar-for-dollar returns on investment, video marketing might be the highest-ranking marketing format out there!

With video, you can add a more human touch to your marketing. You can speak to people in a way and a tone that feels in step with your business. You can win people over with informative, creative content that ignites their interest. But of all the marketing forms today, why should you focus on video marketing for small businesses?

Because it works.

Before the smartphone, producing and distributing video was prohibitively expensive. Most small businesses could not afford video marketing. Major brands dominated video because they had the resources to create professional videos and air them during commercial breaks on television.

The smartphone changed the rules of the game in multiple ways. And, for once, it stacked the deck in favor of small businesses rather than large corporations. Nowhere is this clearer than in a video.

A small business owner can now create and publish a video in seconds, reaching hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people.

This article will examine why video is so effective for small businesses. And how your company can start video marketing in small steps.

Why Is Video Marketing in the 2020s A Powerful Way To Attract Customers?

video-marketeers-laughingWhile video marketing in the 2020s can be low effort, it is far from effortless. And, let us face it, as a small business owner, you already have a lot on your plate.

Why should you devote time and money to video marketing? The answer is simple: video attracts customers.

So, whether you own a jewelry store, a catering company, or a dentist who promotes healthy teeth and gums, the video should be a part of your marketing strategy! What makes video so powerful?

Video works, but why? Much of it is due to wiring in the human brain.

Other mediums, unlike video, do not elicit an emotional response as easily. And studies show that up to 95 percent of buying decisions are emotionally motivated.

Reason 1: We process images faster than words.

Video works better than other forms of communication because our brains can process images much faster than words. For example, MIT researchers discovered that the human brain could process images in as little as thirteen milliseconds.

Also, our brains can process images concurrently, while words are one at a time. Why is that important?

The information is easier to process, and it is also easier to remember.

According to studies, we retain 95 percent of information from video versus only 10 percent from the text. And what is the point of advertising if people do not remember it?

Reason 2: Seeing other people’s faces elicits empathy.

It all boils down to how the wiring works in the brain. Mirror neurons are in our brains. When we see the facial expressions of others, these neurons fire, causing us to empathize with them.

We put ourselves in their shoes.

And, while we are all about the shoes, do you see why Nike commercials are so effective? Because they artfully portray people and acts of greatness, you can feel distinction for a few brief seconds.

How Can You Get Videos in Front of Your Potential Customers?

Before we dive into this question, let us be clear: videos do not have to be professional to be effective. This article is not about making a Hollywood TV commercial. We are talking about creating and distributing videos in places where your customers are likely to find them. Unlike in the days of TV dinners, consumers are unlikely to sit in front of the television screen during commercial breaks.

Know Who Your Customers Are And Where They Are

You should have a customer avatar and know who your customer is. Understanding your customer is the first step toward figuring out where they spend their time.

For example, a CPA offering tax services to wealthy individuals has a different audience than someone selling beauty products directly to consumers.

Where they hand out is a factor of who they are.

You can understand where your customers spend their time online once you know who they are.

Which small business owner in the preceding example should create weekly insights and advice video series and promote it on LinkedIn?

And which owner should be uploading quick video testimonials from satisfied customers and product reviews to Facebook and TikTok?

Keep in mind that video is content marketing intended to attract and keep an audience. That way, when they buy, you will be top of mind.

That will not happen unless you get your video in front of the right people.

While there are well over a billion websites online, most people spend online time in one or more of the following places:

All these channels allow you to reach many people with whatever videos you want to make. There are many resources available to help you in understanding how to perfect your video strategy to get more of your target audience on each of these platforms. Ensure you know the best practices for the selected venue (s).

4 Highly Effective Low-Cost, Low-Effort Videos Your Small Business Can Make to Generate More Customers?

You now understand why videos are compelling. You did your research to find out where your customers spend their time. You have even researched the best ways to get your videos in front of them. You must now decide what type(s) of videos you want to create. Here are four of the most effective low-cost/low-effort videos you can make:

Video Testimonial

Remember how we said potential customers should put themselves in the shoes of the person in the video they are watching? What better way to sell your products or services than to put potential customers in the shoes of one of your satisfied customers?

When you are with a satisfied customer, pull out your phone and ask a few simple questions about their experience with your company.

Video Demonstration or Explainer Video

If your small business sells products, make short demo videos that show how those products solve problems. Video is an excellent way to show how those products work so that customers can see them in action.

Info Style Videos

These are ideal if your small business supplies a service of some kind. You have a wealth of knowledge that people pay you for as a service professional. Offering some of that knowledge in the form of a video helps people understand their situation and shows that you know your stuff.

When the time comes to hire a professional, you will have already proven a level of trust with the potential customer, increasing the likelihood that they will come to you for help

Brand Origin Story Video

People buy from people, especially when it comes to small businesses. You are not a large, stale corporation. You are a small business with a one-of-a-kind story to tell. Use video to inform customers about your identity. Explain why you are enthusiastic about your company. Tell them what they can expect from you.

Now Is The Time To Start

While diving into video marketing in the 2020s can be intimidating, there is no better time to start than now. Your customers prefer video over other mediums. And you can gain a significant advantage over your competitors by creating the type of content they want! So, pull out your iPhone or Android Phone, press record, and begin having more meaningful interactions with your potential customers. Consistent marketing success requires a systematic approach, one that is based on a proven strategy. So, how can you get there? Start with our Marketing Essentials Assessment.