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Marketing Consultant Program | MarketBlazer

Marketing Consultant Program

Complete hands-on assistance and "Done-for-You" Marketing Services with the Marketing Consultant Program.

Are you looking for a Marketing Consultant Program where you and your team have complete hands-on assistance and done-for-you marketing services in the creation, implementation and execution of your marketing strategy?

Are you looking to have some or all of you marketing tactics "Done-for-You" by a professional marketing agency?

The MarketBlazer Marketing Consultant Program will serve as your hands-on mentor. We work directly with selected managers or team leaders to help them with their role in changing your marketing strategy. We make specific recommendations for adjustments to current strategy and tactics as well as make specific recommendations for new marketing tactics.

For those marketing tactics that you and your team lack the time and/or expertise, MarketBlazer will deliver professional done-for-you marketing services.

During the Project we meet with you and your team monthly, and are available via on-line meetings. We are also available via email as often as needed and without constraint.

Typically these types of Projects are from six months to nine months.

Additionally, this Program includes a 30, 60 and 90 day follow up review session. During each follow up session we review the effectiveness of the new strategy and make recommendations for continued success.

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