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Virtual Marketing Manager Program

Benefits of a full-time Marketing Manager without the expense.

Are you looking for a Virtual Marketing Manager Program that provides the benefits of a full-time Marketing Professional without the expense and commitment of hiring a dedicated employee?

The MarketBlazer Virtual Marketing Manager Program provides the experience your marketing requires without adding long-term costs to your business. You may be handling the marketing yourself or with the assistance of a marketing coordinator, but recognize the need for full-time marketing management.

It may not be the right time to hire a senior marketing employee. You may not be sure of the level of qualification of the marketing manager you may eventually hire and don’t want to incur the risks of hiring the wrong person that may not fit your company’s personality.

Atlanta Marketing Consultants You Can Trust

MarketBlazer will work with you and take the leadership role for your company’s marketing. Working from our offices, we make specific recommendations for adjustments to current marketing strategy and tactics as well as make specific recommendations for new strategies and tactics. If required, we would recommend specific work distribution changes, recommend appropriate personnel changes and provide specific skills development and/or counseling. For those  marketing tactics that we agree need to be executed to grow your business, MarketBlazer will deliver professional “Done-for-You” Marketing Services.

During the Project we meet with you and your team monthly and are constantly available via on-line meetings. We are also available via email as often as needed and without constraint.

The Virtual Marketing Manager Program is available with a 12 month minimum commitment with six month extensions.

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