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Website Design

Website Design: How to get engaging, responsive, and impactful website design at a fraction of the cost

The ever expanding role of the world-wide web means one thing for small business owners: You need great website design. With 8 out of 10 customers making a company’s website their first stop, prior to making a purchase, your website is likely the very first impression a potential customer will have of your business. If your website is over-crowded, wordy, and full of typos, your new potential customer will pass you right by.

Now, chances are good you spent a lot of time and money, in addition to your blood, sweat and tears, to 

get out there and start your business. Ask yourself whether you can really afford to let customers trickle through your fingers.  Probably not. Every customer who visits your page without buying from you is foregone revenue. But with some simple adjustments, all that can change.

This is where good website design comes into play. A visually appealing, search engine optimized (SEO) website, with an easy-to-use layout and professional appearance, will boost customers’ first impressions, improve their engagement with your business and convert shoppers into buyers.

Good Website Design: Key Components for Success

It’s no secret everyone has slightly different tastes. For example, one man’s art might as well be another man’s kindergarten drawing. What we find visually appealing is certainly subjective, but good websites all have a few things in common.

  • They control the movement of the eye. If you open a web page, and your eye goes right to the logo, this is design-based eye control. The size and placement of the logo have ensured it’s the very first place you will look. As you continue to peruse the site, you’ll likely find your eye drawn to other areas, in a specific order. This can be accomplished through a variety of tactics, but it is the control and delivery of information in an optimized format. You are receiving the info you need, in a manner that makes the most sense.
  • They aren’t cluttered. One of the biggest failures in the online world is trying to cram too much onto a single page. If your text is too small, and too dense, people are going to give up without ever reading it. Ditto for an over-abundance of imagery. Too many images compete with one another for attention, leaving your customer feeling confused, and unsure of where their eye should go.
  • It’s super easy to find what you need. If your customer can’t find what they are looking for in ten seconds or less, you’ve lost them. No joke. There are just too many search results and other providers out there. If your potential customer gets frustrated, they will move on to the next option without a backward glance. A website with an easy to understand design ensures people can get where they are going, and find exactly what they are looking for, fast.
  • They utilize visually appealing typography. The most dominant element of any website design is usually text. The size of the words, their location, and the font style used all impact a customer’s perception of your website. Too much font, in a hard-to-read size or style will force a customer to give up. In this enormous digital world, there are literally billions of other places for them to get what they need. Why waste time trying to find it on a cluttered page?
  • Viewing from any device is seamless and attractive. Constant connectivity is the name of today’s game. Even if a customer does research on a desktop at home, they may look for additional information again once they are in-store. Plus, did you know over 20% of Americans today can only access the web via their mobile device? This means two out of every ten of your potential customers will be mobile-only. If your website design isn’t responsive, it won’t properly display on those mobile devices. Do you really want to cut your customer population by 20% right out of the gate? Absolutely not.
  • The site is optimized for their target audience. What do we mean when we’re talking about optimizing for a specific audience? Let me give you an example. Say you’re looking for an online website design company. But when you type in your search, one of the sites coming up is for a web-based architectural design firm. It’s not what you’re looking for, but “online”, “web” and “design” are part of their description. In this instance, that particular site has failed to attract the right audience. Put another way, it’s not properly search engine optimized. Because they are attracting customers not looking for their service, it’s quite likely very little of the traffic they are receiving will convert to a sale. Your site must contain the right keywords, speak to your target customer, and be able to be properly “read” and identified by SEO algorithms.

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How Good Website Design Helps Your Bottom Line

Now that we’ve covered what good design looks like, let’s get into what you really want to know – what great website design will do for you and your business.

First, your customers are now going to be able to find you. With improved keywords and search engine optimization, people who were looking for general information will now land on your page. Needless to say, this is huge. The more people who come to your site, the better your chances of converting them to customers.

Once they’ve hit your page for the first time, good design is going to help keep them there. We call this improved customer engagement. 

The longer they spend on your site, and the more pages they click through, the more interested they likely are in your business. Time is a valuable currency in most people’s lives, so if they are spending it on your page, your site is doing what it should. Ditto if you find the same customers coming back to your page multiple times. At this point, you’ve got them hooked.

Now, these two things should combine into one big, fat, awesome result: increased sales. This makes logical sense. You’ve brought more people to your site. You’ve improved your site’s design, making it more appealing, and keeping customers on there, longer. Your improved site navigation has made it easy for them to contact you. And they will. If they have a serious purchase intent, all of these things will combine to improve your conversion rates and boost your bottom line.

Why Genesis Makes Sense for Small Business Owners

Now that you’re up to speed on what great website design can do for your business, let’s talk about another important metric: Return on Investment (aka – ROI). Yes, a boost in sales is fantastic. But if the cost of revamping or building your site was too high, the dollars you spent may not pay off in the long run. Put another way? For each dollar you put into a website, you want to make 2x, 5x, or 10x return on that dollar. This is where the Genesis theme comes into play.

Genesis is a web design framework from Studiopress, which was created by the folks at Copyblogger. It allows a decent amount of customization, leveraging the thousands of man-hours numerous web developers have put into understanding the best way to build, design, and implement various web frameworks (think service pages, online web stores, informational sites, blogs, etc.) When used to build your site, you’re “standing on the shoulders of giants” as it were.

Doing things this way delivers two key things: quicker implementation and lower development costs. Your designer basically has a head start on the web build, allowing it to be developed and deployed in half the time. And while speed-to-market is certainly a great perk for you, less development hours also means lower cost. That’s right. You get all the amazing benefits we have been talking about, for a fraction of the cost. Basically, your website design overhaul is going to deliver a killer ROI.

Plus, you’ll get all the benefits that come from having a mobile-responsive website, too. Essentially, this means that your website can determine what sort of device your site visitors are using when they land on your website. The coding then adjusts automatically so visitors get an optimized version of your website, which means their experience will be exactly what they want and expect.

If you’ve ever whipped out your mobile device and tried to find information on a product or service on the go, you know how frustrating it can be. You pinch, zoom, and squint as you try to read. You wind up on the wrong page as you try to navigate, because your thumbs are just too big to use the tiny buttons a non-mobile-friendly site features. In the end, you might just give up and go to another company’s website. With a Genesis-built site, your visitors get a user-friendly experience every time, from any device.

Still need another reason? How about two: continuous improvements and site longevity. The Genesis Framework has continuously evolved since it was originally launched, adding new features and improving on others. However, because of the child/parent nature of its setup, upgrades to Genesis won’t break your site. Plus, in the event you have more than one developer working on things, the language is universal. As long as they are familiar with Genesis, they can pick up where the last developer left off. No need to start from scratch, again.

Ready to Get Started? MarketBlazer, Inc. Is Your Genesis Expert

By now you can see that it’s pretty clear we know what we’re talking about. Are there other companies you can look for? Sure. But why would you? By selecting us, you’re making the smart decision with your valuable time and money. We’re the leading experts in Genesis-built websites, and you can expect nothing but the best when working with us. You’ll get transparent pricing, a clear timeline, and speedy delivery of a killer website. Your conversions will increase, and you’ll get the smug satisfaction of knowing every single dollar you put into your site worked hard.

In addition, MarketBlazer’s 7-step marketing framework is so simple to use, especially when you choose the Genesis platform for your website. Integrating social media, content marketing, and SEO on your user-friendly Genesis site has never been easier. And with MarketBlazer’s experts putting all the pieces together for you, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your online business will grow. Why play a giant game of trial and error with your valuable marketing assets if you don’t have to? Let MarketBlazer streamline your marketing process. Focus your valuable time on the daily tasks required to run your company.

Ready to kick your profits up a notch? Click or call 770-893-2443 to hire the professional website design team here at MarketBlazer, Inc.

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