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Interim Marketing Manager Program

Professional Marketing Manager during a period of transition.

Are you looking for a Interim Marketing Manager Program that provides professional management of your marketing team during a period of transition or unexpected growth?

The MarketBlazer Interim Marketing Manager Program provides your business the marketing leadership you require during short-term employee transitions. Perhaps you have had in-house professional marketing and for unexpected reasons have lost it and need to maintain continuity in your marketing department and with the current marketing strategy. Even mature companies with seasoned marketing management can find themselves without marketing leadership during a period of employee transition.

Maybe you are in the early stages of a start-up and need experienced marketing management which can be essential to acquiring additional funding or maybe you are involved in a major one-time event such as an acquisition, merger or going public and need temporary senior marketing leadership to maintain continuity and professionalism. You may be creating a new channel strategy and require separate marketing management for this initiative to focus on the specific needs of a growing channel.

With the Interim Marketing Manager Program, MarketBlazer can take on the marketing leadership role required to maintain continuity. We can become involved in more aspects of your business than just marketing, taking on more responsibility and getting involved in your business in greater depth. We are involved on-site with your business at a greater degree which can include face-to-face interaction with customers, investors and board members.

The Interim Marketing Manager Program is available with a six month minimum commitment with three month extensions.

To get started please call for a custom quote.

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