Why Choose MarketBlazer

The Ideal MarketBlazer Marketing Client

Is this you? This is who MarketBlazer serves.

MarketBlazer works with entrepreneurs in growth-minded small and medium sized companies that provide their products and/or services within a local market, regionally or nationally

These companies have a strong desire to take their business to the next level, need to elevate the effectiveness of their marketing to accomplish these goals and either don't know how to get there or need professional assistance to execute.

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What's it like working with MarketBlazer?

What type of results can you expect working with MarketBlazer!

Implementing the marketing strategies and tactics from MarketBlazer can make the difference between a good year and a bad year, between success and failure, between growth and stagnation in your business. However, your success also depends on you and your team. If you and your team are unwilling to make the necessary changes, if you are unwilling to put in the time and effort necessary, then dramatic changes in your business will be difficult to achieve.

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MarketBlazer Values and Principles

Marketing must be accountable through measurable results.

We believe striving for the best is not optional - You run your business for many reasons and one very important one is for your company to be the best it can be. We work closely with our clients to do everything possible to help your company be the best it can be. Marketing exists to drive sales and we understand that any marketing process must support your companies' sales goals.

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MarketBlazer Consulting Methodology

Best practices to deliver predictable results.

Are you concerned that the practice of Marketing currently doesn’t have industry-standard processes, controls and activities like most other business disciplines. To solve this problem, MarketBlazer has developed a standardized process with common tools and best practices to achieve success during the marketing process. In addition to our unique methodology...

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Ray L. Perry

Ray L. Perry is a marketing consultant, business advisor and author. From the very first conversation you have with Ray, you will quickly discover that he speaks completely differently than most marketing people.

Ray will ask about your business processes. He will ask about your sales team’s level of training.

He will ask about the people from top to bottom in the organization and how well they understand where you want to go as a company.

Typical marketing consultants do not ask those kinds of questions, but they are the kind that Ray has been asking as the Chief Marketing Officer of MarketBlazer, Inc. for nearly 20 years.

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