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About MarketBlazer

Atlanta Master Marketing Consultant and Small Business Marketing Agency.

MarketBlazer, Inc. is a technology based marketing agency specializing in small business lead generation, lead conversion, and customer engagement. MarketBlazer combines their proven 7-step marketing framework and strong technology background with the latest in inbound marketing, content marketing, social media marketing and mobile marketing tactics to develop solid long-term inbound marketing strategies for clients.

The MarketBlazer goal with marketing is simple and straight forward; help our clients’ business thrive.

  • Are you having trouble generating quality leads for your business?
  • Are you tired of jumping from one marketing tactic to another with little to no success?
  • You know you need a quality website and a professional SEO expert to get your business preferred visibility in top search engines, but are you tired of the constant emails and phone calls from “so-called” experts with dubious claims?
  • Are you ready to install a proven marketing system into your business?
  • Are you ready to work with a Certified Marketing Consultant?

There are numerous marketing tactics available to small businesses when developing new strategies to inform, educate, and engage prospects about your business and your products and services. These different marketing tactics, some optional and some mandatory, are used at different times, with different intensity depending on the market situation, competition, customer interest, and desired result.

At MarketBlazer, we have created a proven 7 step marketing process to analyze these marketing tactics and better measure their effectiveness, specific to your marketing goals, when evaluating their use. Regardless of which marketing tactic used to improve your marketing, one constant always holds true; Strategy First. Critical to all ongoing marketing success is an effective marketing strategy. Before beginning any marketing campaign it is imperative to have the right strategy in place. Therefore, at MarketBlazer we always begin every client marketing campaign with Strategy First. We begin by identifying the three critical components that will serve as the basis for your marketing plan: first, who is your ideal client or target market; second, what gives your particular business a competitive advantage over other businesses offering similar products and services, your unique value proposition; and third, how do you communicate that unique difference in a compelling way, your core marketing message.

 After honing in on these three aspects of Strategy First, you will be able to devise the best possible marketing strategy for your business.

MarketBlazer is a Master Marketing Consultant certified by Duct Tape Marketing. Using the proven marketing strategies of Duct Tape Marketing, MarketBlazer helps clients develop marketing strategies to find prospects that have a need for their products and services, and convert these prospects into long-term customers that know, like, and trust their clients. Additionally, these new customers frequently refer MarketBlazer clients to other potential customers with the same need or problem.

MarketBlazer is led by Chief Marketing Officer Ray L. Perry, a marketing consultant, business advisor, and author of “Guide to Marketing your Business Online” (2011), and co-author of “Renewable Referrals” (2014), “The Small Business Owners Guide to Local Lead Generation” (2015), and the soon to be released “Do Leadership: A step-by-step Guide to Doing Thought Leadership” (2015).

Ray is the co-author of the “Marketing Guides for Small Business” eBook series, which includes topics on Website Design, Local SEO, Social Media, Google AdWords, Content Marketing, and Reputation Management. Ray is also a featured author on Duct Tape Publishing.

Are any of these statements true for your Company?

  • “I am an entrepreneur who has developed an exciting product. I have sold a few clients but I am now ready to crank up my marketing, but I’m not sure what to do first.”
  • “I have been in business for a few years and mostly relied on word-of-mouth for new clients. My market is changing and now I need a new way to get the word out about our services.”
  • “Our Company has been doing pretty well with basic marketing but we need to enhance the effectiveness of our on-line marketing including website, email marketing and on-line advertising.”
  • “We have a website but don’t understand how to turn it into a lead generation machine, capturing the names of prospects that visit our site.”
  • “We lost our existing Marketing Manager and don’t want to lose sales momentum during the 3 to 9 months it takes to find the right person.”
  • “We don’t understand Social Media Marketing at all and want to use this new medium to better communicate and interact with our customers.”
  • “Our prospects are busier than ever and our current cold-calling methods aren’t working, what are some new methods for getting their attention.”

The type of results you can expect from working with MarketBlazer.

  • Your marketing will generate more leads and provide the process to manage them more effectively.
  • Your marketing will allow you to take advantage of and execute on-line marketing strategies.
  • Your marketing will assist you in attracting customers from different geographic areas.
  • Your marketing will become more organized and systematic. You will know what to do next with confidence.
  • Your marketing will allow you to communicate with your customers and prospects more consistently and with greater clarity.
  • You will discover more options on how to market your business that fit your personality, business methodology and financial resources.
  • You will have a predefined marketing budget and plan and an organized approach on how and where your money is spent with measurable results.
  • Your marketing will become easier, more fun and less of a dreaded task.
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Website Design, SEO, Social Media and PPC Management

Systematic Marketing
You will understand your businesses marketing strategy and what tactics are required to execute with confidence.
Quality Leads
Your marketing will generate higher-quality leads and will provide the process to manage these leads more effectively.
Ideal Customers
Your marketing will attract the type of customers you like to work with and that value what you do.
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