Local SEO

Local SEO

Atlanta SEO Services Helps Google Send New Business Your Way

As more and more people search for local businesses on their computers and mobile devices, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that your business is as close to the top of the search results as possible.

The yellow pages are old news. Most people deposit their new phone books directly into their recycling bins these days. Because so few businesses now believe in the power of advertising there, the yellow pages have gotten rather slim, making them even less useful to consumers.

Most people now have a far more powerful tool in the palm of their hands – a smartphone. No matter what product or service people want, no matter where they are, they can locate what they’re looking for. They can click to call, place an order with a single push of a button, and get the information they need wherever they are, and whatever else they’re doing at the time.

How easily can consumers find your business on their smartphones? If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, your new customers will get too frustrated trying to navigate your site to even give you a shot. As they say, “pinch and zoom spells your doom” – if your site irritates your prospects before they even try your products and services, you can bet you’re losing customers you never even got the chance to impress in person.

You see, search engines like Google prefer to show local results, even for searches that don’t mention location. Meaning if you search a term like “dentists”, without mentioning a location, your results will include local dentists in your area grouped in with more generic results. You want your business to top that list! Atlanta SEO knows what it takes to get your business listed.

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What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization specifically for local businesses) is the process of configuring your website in a way that helps insure your company will place higher in local search rankings. This may not be too important for a company like IBM or Microsoft, but for any company that has a local presence and local address, and would like customers and potential customers to visit that local address, then a strong local SEO strategy is critical.

Local SEO is a powerful way to get the name of your company in front of local customers and potential customers. Google and other search engines have developed very sophisticated search algorithms that is able to generate precise local search engine results pages.

The pages are now displaying many more results than ever before that are location-centric.  What all this means is that local companies that know how to harness the power of local SEO will tend to display at the top of the results pages.

People tend to have short attention spans. That’s why it’s so crucial for your business to appear at the top of the search engine results page. When people type in search terms, they want to find the right solution to their problem right at the top of the page. They don’t want to sift through dozens of websites looking for the right service provider. If you can get your company at the top of the list, you will capture a great deal of local search engine traffic.

Why Is Local SEO Important to Your Business?

Because nearly 50% of all Internet searches in 2015 will be for local goods and services. So if you’re an accountant, attorney, contractor, plumber, painter, or any of hundreds of other kinds of area businesses that rely on local customers to keep you in business, you need to make sure you appear at or near the top in local searches for your type of business. The fact is, any business that gets at least some of its customers from the local area should seriously consider implementing a local SEO program.

Local SEO is becoming more valuable, and therefore it is naturally becoming more popular. The world of Internet searching is changing with the introduction of new technologies and more precise accuracy within the search engine industry. In short, Google, among other search engines, is becoming more and more sophisticated in its ability to deliver to its users much more tailored search results, and that includes geographically tailored.

Winnow Out the Competition

When you’re working with local SEO you will be dealing with fewer competitors. When you compete with other companies for keywords related to your products or services nationally, you are up against every other company in the nation offering similar services and products.

For example, there are a lot fewer dentists in Atlanta there are in the entire United States. Tightening your focus to your local area might generate fewer searchers, but it’s better to have 100 real Atlanta dentist seekers than 5000 “maybe”

 national dentist seekers. By optimizing your website for local search traffic you become far more worthwhile to a smaller group of potential customers.

Regardless of whether you’re a small local business or a large national company with regional presence, you should start implementing a focused local SEO strategy. Local SEO is getting very big, and it’s going to continue to be an increasingly essential strategy for most companies.

Inbound Marketing Services Can Help

The Inbound Marketing Program and Social Engagement Program can help your company rise to the top in local search page results, driving new customers through your front door. How? By using sophisticated local SEO strategies to get your company’s website in front of people searching online for the products or services you offer. Simple as that.

If your small business would benefit from having local customers hearing about you FIRST, it’s time to get local SEO help. Call 770-893-2443 today to start the conversation about how MarketBlazer can help.

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