The MarketBlazer Difference

Our Values and Principles

We believe striving for the best is not optional - You run your business for many reasons and one very important one is for your company to be the best it can be. We work closely with our clients to do everything possible to help your company be the best it can be.

 Marketing exists to drive sales and we understand that any marketing process must support your companies' sales goals.

“Marketing must be accountable through measurable results.”

Any work environment should be both challenging and rewarding, but should be fun and engaging.

We will work hard to improve the effectiveness of your Company's marketing and expect you and your team to work equally hard as well. If you are not interested in putting in the time and effort necessary to make dramatic changes, then MarketBlazer is not for you.

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Our Approach

First, it is critical that we understand your business process, market and competition and your short and long-term goals. Additionally we want to understand successes and failures you have experienced both in product and/or service development and delivery and marketing effectiveness.

We begin with a comprehensive one-on-one interview process and also find it very beneficial to interview current employees and both current and former customers.

With the information from the interview process we will conduct a complete review of your current market, competition, strategy and implementation. This part of our process is designed to find the holes in your marketing strategy, where your marketing dollars are ineffective and your lead generation tactics are incomplete. We will then work with you to create a new strategy that will increase the effectiveness of your marketing and improve your marketing return on investment.

Our process is flexible. Different companies need different things. One size does not fit all. After understanding your specific situation and goals we develop a process to support your needs. Although we offer a variety of marketing programs, we still approach each project with the same goal, to produce sustainable results for your company with the least amount of struggle.

We do not sugar coat the process or the results. We are not there to tell you what you want to hear.

 We like to stay in regular communications with our clients and work best when we have scheduled meetings. Additionally, we make ourselves readily available to our clients; our goal is for all phone calls and emails to be answered within four hours.

We believe strongly in transference of skills. Our strategy is to teach someone in your organization how to take the lead role in marketing.

How We Are Unique

We only operate with a project or monthly fee schedule. We never assess an hourly or daily fee, since neither you nor your team members should have to worry about spending money every time assistance is needed.

We will communicate as often as needed and without constraint. We will be constantly accessible by phone and email for advice and direction.

Because of our dedication and focus with each client, we only work with a few select clients at a time.

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