Why Choose MarketBlazer?

Ray L. Perry is a marketing consultant, business advisor and author. From the very first conversation you have with Ray, you will quickly discover that he speaks completely differently than most marketing people.

Ray will ask about your business processes. He will ask about your sales team’s level of training.

He will ask about the people from top to bottom in the organization and how well they understand where you want to go as a company.

Typical marketing consultants do not ask those kinds of questions, but they are the kind that Ray has been asking as the Chief Marketing Officer of MarketBlazer, Inc. for nearly 20 years.

Ray’s mindset to work with the entire company also serves him well as a true business advisor for high-level organizational challenges such as creating better business processes – which may have nothing to do with marketing but have everything to do with focusing on your ideal customer’s needs.

It speaks volumes of Ray’s deep marketing knowledge that he has taught the highly technical disciplines of marketing strategy and lead generation with sales funnels to other seasoned marketing consultants as part of an international marketing consultant training organization.

The MarketBlazer goal with marketing is simple and straight forward;

To help your business thrive.

The MarketBlazer goal with marketing is simple and straight forward; To help your business thrive. MarketBlazer combines their unique 7 step marketing system and strong technology expertise with the latest digital marketing tactics to develop solid long-term inbound marketing strategies for clients. Starting with the hub of all marketing, your website, they use a 10-point framework to turn a boring, ineffective website into a lead generating machine.

Ray is the founder and Chief Marketing Officer at MarketBlazer, Inc., a technology-based marketing agency specializing in small business lead generation, lead conversion, and customer engagement. Ray brings to the MarketBlazer team nearly three decades of leadership expertise in operations, sales, and marketing of technology products and services within start-up and high-growth entrepreneurial environments, plus C level management experience. Ray understands the marketing process and its role in supporting the growth of small businesses.

MarketBlazer is a Digital Marketer Certified Partner, Keap Certified Partner, SEO for Growth Certified Consultant and Funnelytics Certified. In addition, Ray has received extensive marketing training from Duct Tape Marketing and StoryBrand as a 10-year Duct Tape Marketing master consultant and 3-year StoryBrand Guide. To learn more about improving your small business marketing visit www.MarketBlazer.com

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