7 Local SEO Tweaks That Might Boost Your Rankings Overnight

So, you want local SEO tweaks that work instantaneously? Right? Sorry, as far as we know, they do not exist. But, what is clear is that when running a business in your local area, search engine optimization (SEO) is essential. And you can get results – over time.

And if you are not sitting pretty on top, ranking on page one, it means potential customers never find you. Your phone does not ring, and that spells disaster.

So, with that in mind, we have seven local SEO tweaks to help you achieve the search engine rankings you want. Also, tomorrow is another day for those businesses that rank number one now. Holding the top spot means edging out your competitors constantly. So, these local SEO boosting tips are for you, too.

7 Local SEO Tweaks That Can Boost Your Rankings


1. Create More Internal Website Links

The first place we recommend you start for improved local SEO is more internal links. Internal links take the user from one page of your website to the next. So, suppose you own a website providing various home repair services, such as drywall installation, tile laying, plastering, and painting. In that case, you will find ways to link to your services across various pages.

Example: Applying plaster takes patience and experience. If you rush the process, you will end up with sub-par results. So if you don’t have the extra time needed, then Painting the area will be your best option.

Build internal links around relevant keywords used across your website. It is an excellent way to ensure traffic is evenly distributed across each page, improving your overall traffic level.

2. Answer The Common Questions Found On Google

Another key to local SEO is ensuring you have the answers to locals’ common questions. For example, if you search for the product/service(s) your business offers, you will find a list of commonly asked questions on Google. These questions are a great place to start to ensure you have answers to these common questions on your website.

There are two ways you can accomplish this.

  1. Create an FAQ page that lists all these commonly asked questions in one place, with your answers to each question.
  2. Create a blog around these questions. For example, if you run a car detailing service, one of your most frequently asked questions might be, “Is it better to clean with steam or soap & water?” So now you have an opportunity to go into more detail about why it is better to clean with steam VS soap and water and all the benefits your car will receive.

3. Create Local Directory Listings 

From a Google My Business page to business directories in your local region, you should be creating as many of these little profiles as you can. They are citations. Yelp.com, YellowPages.com, BBB.org, Manta.com, and Angi.com, are all examples of business directories, also called citations. Each one creates another link to your website, which is what you want – Useful external links from relevant sources.

At the same time, these websites provide a directory listing that helps people find your business. So not only can you get an SEO benefit, but you will also get traffic coming directly from these sites.

Local directories are helpful but having a Google My Business page is essential.

It is the Holy Grail of all citations. Technically, what was a Google My Business page is now your Google Business Profile, but it is the same thing – and it is free to create, so why not benefit from its potential?

4. Turn Your Current Content Into New Opportunities

Suppose one of your main problems is constantly coming up with new ideas and producing new content. That is relatable. One terrific way to get the most out of your content is repurposing what you already have. By taking a blog post and turning it into social media snippets, or an explainer video, you can stretch the content you already have and maximize its impact.

5. Do Not Ignore Your User Experience (UX) Rating

In 2021, Google released a new search engine update that focuses on the quality of the user experience. Specifically, how fast is your website loading? How stable is your website – does it crash often? And how responsive is your website? Finally, does it work well on all devices and browsers?

Working with your web developer to improve these elements of your layout, design, and back-end should be a priority. Google and other search engines will value your website higher if it meets its higher UX rating. So, make this a local SEO priority!

6. Make The Most Of Google Discover

One of the best local SEO tweaks we can suggest you try out would be to use Google Discover. It is an AI-managed news aggregator that is by Google. It looks to pair people with content and platforms the AI feels are relevant based on their previous activities.

Getting people to like your content on social media and your website – such as leaving comments, sharing links, etc. – can ensure you are more likely to appear in this powerful news aggregator. You will need to create high-quality content that encourages engagement. That is setting the bar high.

7. Take Your Old Content And Improve It.

As time goes on, you will inevitably discover new information, and your expertise in your business niche will grow. Is it time to go back to your older content and refresh it? Are there further details you could add now that were not available back when you first wrote that content?

Going back and updating old content is a fantastic way to refresh the traffic volume and squeeze more juice out of what you have already done.

Okay, listen, it is a busy world. That is fine if you do not have time to implement all the SEO tips listed above. Start with one or two that seem the easiest and begin there. Businesses that succeed at SEO are the ones who act, so anything is better than nothing. Once your rankings increase, you will know it is worth the effort.

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