Local SEO: Proven Strategies and Tips for Better Local Google Rankings

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“Marketing Guides for Small Business: Local SEO” eBook

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • What is Local SEO
  • Why implementing Local SEO is so important to your company’s endurance
  • What makes Local SEO more important that global SEO
  • What role Google plays in your Local SEO strategy’s success
  • How Social Media platforms can support your Local SEO strategy
  • What you can do with your website content to make it more Local SEO friendly

If you are running a company that favors doing business with folks in your neighborhood, local SEO should be of vital importance to you. It’s the branch of search engine optimization that helps people in your area find you right when they’re looking for you. And yes, there are some things you can do differently with your SEO practices to attract the attention of prospects who are located close by.

Getting your local SEO plan dialed in is important because the majority of people search the internet for feedback before they make a purchase or hire a service provider. Sites like Facebook, Google, Yelp, and others have made it easy for people to learn about companies, products, and services before ever setting foot in a store or clicking a Buy button.

The Best 4 Tips for Local SEO in 2016

1. Effective Local SEO Is Responsive
Mobile-friendly website design is no longer optional. Mobile device searches will surpass desktop and laptop computer searches in 2016. According to HubSpot, in some parts of the world, mobile has already surpassed desktop searches. Giving people a great mobile experience on your website means making more conversions and generating more revenue. It’s as simple as that. And there is great opportunity to make shopping on your mobile site a special experience. Mobile-only deals, QR codes, and tons of other extras can keep people coming back to your tricked-out responsive design website. Be sure that 2016 brings your company a new partnership with a design pro who can optimize your website for all devices and browsers.

2. Local SEO Lets Your Prospects Use Voice to Find You
Along with the growth of mobile searching comes greater demand for voice search. More people are using this feature on their smartphones to locate the businesses, products, and services they need. Some people use voice search to help them multi-task (say, behind the wheel of a car), and many others find it’s just faster and easier to speak into their phones rather than type their query. Either way, the trend toward voice search means that businesses have to optimize their website to hook these consumers. This means shifting your keywords to voice search-friendly phrases. PureContent.com also points out that this shift to voice search means that online marketers have to start answering their readers’ questions early on in all of their targeted content.

3. Direct Data Matters for Local SEO
The rise of “direct data” in the search engine results pages (SERPs) means that companies need to provide more detailed information about themselves in order to get a top slot with search engines. Direct data is the particular pieces of information that appear with business listings in search engine data. For example, if you search for restaurants near you, each result will probably provide you with location, phone number, pricing, whether take-out is available, and other details that consumers want to know up front. SEO Skeptic points out that all this extra data improves visibility, and that’s what getting on the SERPs is all about…so do whatever you can to make sure your pertinent data appears on the first page.

4. Good Local SEO Means a Great Customer Experience
In the end, a potential customer’s decision to buy (or not) will come down to the customer experience. While you can’t control ever salesperson’s actions and words all day long, you can certainly exert a tremendous amount of control over the customer experience provided by your website. Gartner says that within the next few years, the overwhelming majority (89%) of businesses will compete solely on customer experience, and that by 2020, 85% of the customer-company relationship will be managed without any human interaction. This means that your online marketing presence has to be concise, consistent, and better than your competition’s.

What Can You Do Now to Improve Your Local SEO?

In the coming year, local SEO is going to focus more on mobile marketing than ever before. The younger your target customer is, the more likely it is that they are shopping online. But that doesn’t mean that your older customers are not doing the same thing: following a 2014 study, Google made it widely known that half of consumers will visit a store the same day they run a local search. Remember, that study was conducted nearly two years ago. That percentage has almost certainly increased in that time.

Google is so serious about helping companies get on the mobile-friendly bandwagon that they provide a free tool to help you see how prepared your website is for mobile consumers: It your website mobile friendly?

Once you can see for yourself where your website’s weak points are, it’s time to bring in a professional who can patch those holes for you. Failing to optimize for mobile and local searchers will definitely put you at a disadvantage in 2016. Trying to handle this monumental task on your own will monopolize many hours of your precious time and put you at risk of delaying your site’s optimization. With no time to waste and 2016 just around the corner, find an expert you can trust to launch your optimized site for the challenging demands coming in the new year.

These are only a few of the Strategies and Tips you will learn in the Marketing Guides for Small Business: Local SEO; Proven Strategies and Tips for Better Local Google Rankings.

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I highly recommend this eBook and the entire Marketing Guides series. Read this eBook, apply what you learn and there is no question your business will generate more business and more leads. Period.

John Jantsch

Author Of Duct Tape Marketing

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