Video Testimonials From Happy Customers Are The Best Marketing Content…Here’s How To Get Them

Proof in the form of happy customers that are willing to tell the world how happy they are with your products and services is the best marketing content possible.

Nothing will give a prospective customer more confidence than seeing a variety of glowing testimonials about the thing they are about to buy.

So how can you build up your cache of video testimonials? Here’s how!

Have a Process

The first step to getting more testimonials and getting them consistently is to make it a process at your business.

This is too important and valuable to leave it to chance, but that’s exactly what most businesses do. We’re going to do better!

Create a process that is triggered when a positive customer experience happens, so you approach your customer for a testimonial when they are ripe for the picking.

A possible process could look like this:

  1. Create an email sequence that asks for a testimonial
  2. Create an opt-in page for that sequence that only your employees know of
  3. When an employee has a positive customer experience, have them enter the email of the customer into the opt-in page to start the campaign
  4. Report results at your weekly team meeting to remind everyone of the importance

That’s it – pretty easy, right?

Make It Easy

Shooting a video for you were not on your customer’s list of priorities when they woke up this morning, so you need to make it as easy on them as possible.


Use one of the really slick tools available specifically for this purpose, like


Boast, and a number of their competitors, have made it as easy as possible to request, collect, manage and display video testimonials from your customers.

They even have integrations with your other marketing tools and social media platforms, which is critical for the next step:

Share Them Everywhere

Once you’ve collected your testimonials, be sure to put them to good use by sharing them everywhere and making them as visible as possible.

Share them on Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Put them on your website. Add them to your newsletter.

We’re sure you can think of some other creative places to put them, too. Do it…the more the better!

Your Turn!

You now have a simple process and tool to add some serious firepower to your marketing. The importance of getting good testimonials can’t be overstated – get started today!