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Fundamental Marketing

Once you’ve got your marketing strategy in place, it’s time to commit, plan and execute. That’s where Fundamental Marketing comes into play. Fundamental Marketing includes the marketing basics every company must have in place. Fundamental Marketing is the core of all successful marketing. Fundamental Marketing is how you launch your plan into reality, then measure and monitor your results.

This phase is indispensable in creating a sound marketing plan – but once it’s done, you’ll need to consider some practical matters before you can take action:

  • How much can you spend on your marketing activities?
  • Which tactics and tools, exactly, will you use to accomplish your goals?
  • What will you do, when?
  • How will you evaluate how well your marketing efforts are working?

Have you covered the Fundamental Marketing Basics?

The elements of this group should be considered mandatory and critically important to the success of your business. You will have a better understanding on how much money you need to spend on marketing and a plan on how and where to spend your marketing dollars. This prevents the classic starting and stopping of marketing and jumping on the marketing “idea” of the week.

Maximize your profits from Fundamental Marketing by following a pattern of learning, scheduling, and implementing critical marketing strategies. While they are universal enough to work for any business, they can also be customized to yield long-lasting results. Mastery of the fundamental marketing process yields a firm foundation for attracting new leads and converting them into buyers.

Summary of the Fundamental Marketing Components:

Marketing Budget:

Your marketing plan begins by setting a Marketing Budget – without one, your hands are tied, and your business success is hobbled. Allocating sufficient funds to advertising, staffing, branding, and building an online presence gives your business what it needs to succeed.

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Marketing Plan:

Your business goals and objectives – with a plan on paper for the tactics and strategies you’ll use to accomplish them, your Marketing Plan guides your efforts in getting the word out.

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Marketing Calendar:

By using a Marketing Calendar, it’s easy to build a consistent, steady plan for promoting your business. Committing to action by getting your campaigns on the calendar transforms your good intentions into results.

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Marketing Activity Planner:

Working hand-in-hand with your Marketing Calendar, a Marketing Activity Planner provides the practical details needed to execute an effective ongoing promotional campaign.

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