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Add a marketing calendar to your marketing toolbox and you’ve instantly found another way to increase your company’s profits. Because marketing is the very basic means through which your prospective targets learn about your company, its offerings and the benefits of using its products and services, a Marketing Calendar will ensure you consistently devote attention to marketing techniques.

Famous American entrepreneur Victor Kiam once said, “Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin.” This idea certainly applies to marketing, where opportunities to spread the message of your company will be squandered without proper planning. A Marketing Calendar will help your organization to be aware of marketing opportunities, budget enough time to take advantage of them, and produce the best possible marketing product.

Marketing Calendar: Planning for Success

Use a marketing calendar to automate planning and preparation as you look for ways to market and increase your business’s sales. Here are some ideas for how to implement a marketing calendar into your company.

  • Choose a calendar. To create your marketing calendar, use a spreadsheet, a desk or wall calendar, a planner or any other tool you are comfortable using. You might consider a large format that can be posted on the wall of the office to keep your marketing team visually on track. Place it in a location that is easily accessible.
  • Develop a plan. Assign each marketing project a specific day, week or month on the calendar. Include a description of the project, cost estimate and tasks necessary in order to complete the project. If desired, you may assign different tasks to separate dates on the calendar. Allow for plenty of time to promote your product if you are marketing prior to a specific date or event.
  • Try new things. Occasionally try new marketing techniques that haven’t been used within your company. While you should first utilize those techniques that have proven successful in the past, a previously untried method may yield even better results.
  • Update the marketing calendar regularly. Make notes regarding the outcome of each project. Mistakes are valuable only when they are learned from. Use these results to determine what projects will be included on next year’s calendar.

Any small business can increase its sales with successful use of a Marketing Calendar.

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