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Are you using powerful Demand Marketing strategies to drive your targeted prospects to your website and social media platforms to inform, educate and engage them? Demand Marketing is just that, it’s about creating demand, getting traffic to your website, making the phone ring, getting your message in front of your target market at the point and time they are looking to buy. Demand Marketing brings a crowd of eager buyers to your door.

If you aren’t yet using powerful demand marketing strategies to drive targeted people toward your website and social media platforms, you need to start now. Getting a wealth of clients, customers and prospects to your various online and offline platforms, where you can showcase your expertise and usefulness, is an invaluable component of your marketing plan.

What Is Demand Marketing?

So what is demand marketing, you’re wondering? Well, it’s just that: creating and meeting demand. It’s about getting traffic to your website, making the phone ring, bulking up your social media profiles with visits and interactions, and getting your message in front of your target market … at the point and time that they are looking to buy. Demand marketing is about using your knowledge and expertise to prove to the people looking for your product or service that you are the perfect person to help them.

As your business matures, your growth goals expand, and the competition you face intensifies, you can’t afford to let your marketing machine sit idle for even a minute.

Instead, you must create a ceaselessly churning demand marketing machine that consistently reaches the right prospects, through the right channels, with the right message that will meet their needs and convince them to buy. In addition to creating the initial interest, however, your demand marketing efforts must also convert your prospects to sales leads, funnel them through your pipeline and produce consistent revenue for your business.

Demand marketing means generating an appetite for your product or service at the moment that people are ready to spend money on it. If you can successfully do that, you can bank on an uptick in sales and a successful revenue-generation model that works again and again.

Is Demand Marketing the Same as Inbound Marketing?

Some people assume that demand marketing is the same as inbound or content marketing, and while the two or similar, they are not the same. The concept behind inbound marketing is producing quality content that draws prospects to you. This is a very important component of demand marketing, because great content makes prospects trust you and want to try your product or service.

However, inbound marketing is only one kind of demand marketing. Demand marketing, as discussed above, focuses on the gamut of ways by which you can generate and meet demand for your product. In addition to content, you can also do this by creating flyers to raise awareness, using targeted ads to draw prospects in, reaching out to people through email, and fine-tuning customer retention and referral programs to keep existing customers and consistently convert new ones.

Find the Consumers Who Need You with Demand Marketing!

Demand marketing is all about demonstrating your understanding of your product or your service. It is also about demonstrating your desire and ability to help the customer, who can in turn help you build your business. If you have a solid understanding that the customer is in control ­– that their needs, wants, desires, rules and preferences should dictate how you run your business and how you serve those customers – then you will do well in today’s marketplace.

Similarly, if you can show customers that you know them, you know what they want and you can give them what they’re looking for, you can turn their demands into your success. In other words, your marketing efforts should both create demand for your product and meet the demands prospects already have. Your ability to merge these two types of demand will enable you to turn shoppers into loyal customers who return year after year.

Summary of Demand Marketing Components:

Pay-Per-Click Advertising:

Any budget, any business – day or night, your Pay-Per-Click ads work to drive highly-targeted traffic to your website.

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Facebook Advertising:

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Email Marketing:

Create demand with the touch of a button. Use this low-cost marketing powerhouse to keep your business at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

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Direct Mail:

Use direct mail to create demand for your products and services by reaching the right people with the right message – quickly and economically.

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More Information on Teleseminars


Expertise extends your reach and shortens the sales cycle – and webinars are the ultimate online platform to reach your customers wherever they are.

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Customer Retention Programs:

More Information on Customer Retention Programs

Customer Reactivation Programs:

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Customer Referral Programs:

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Classified Advertising:

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