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The telephone is old technology, and consequently many people have trouble identifying how it can fit into new breeds of marketing. Picking up the receiver and dialing a prospect to see if they’re ready to buy is still an effective marketing measure, of course, but to really broaden the appeal of the phone and bring it into the digital age, teleseminars are where it’s at.

For many business owners, however, this is entirely uncharted territory, and a bit scary. Well, don’t worry. Teleseminars are not only an extremely easy way to ensnare lifelong customers and prove your expertise (really!), with a little extra knowhow they can become a valuable addition to your content marketing machine. How? Read on.

What Is a Teleseminar?

A teleseminar is basically a conference call, where a group of people gets together to talk by phone. Teleseminars may either be quite formal, in which one person lectures to listeners or a few people have a conversation. The key to making most teleseminars profitable is that most of the attendees merely listen as others speak. Say, for instance, a life coach sets up a teleseminar with a well-regarded expert in the field. The life coach then charges attendees a relatively small fee (say $89) to “join” (listen in on) the conversation between life coach and expert. That is the basis of a teleseminar. If you like, you can take a larger topic and break it up into a teleseminar series.

How Do Teleseminars Get You Customers?

Like other forms of demand marketing, the idea behind a teleseminar is to prove your knowledge to prospects. You can do this by hosting a training, talking over a specific topic, or even running a “summit,” in which you host a series of teleseminars over a few days or a week, all geared toward a specific topic or solving a specific problem.

Think of a teleseminar as a trial run, just on a larger scale than a Facebook post or an email. In every case, you’re showing the customer that you have expertise they need, but they only have to give a little of their time and money to test you out. If you “pass” (impress them), then they may take the relationship further, buying your product or service and ideally becoming a lifelong customer.

Doesn’t It Take A Lot of Time?

First of all, the time involved in offering a teleseminar is actually fairly minimal. The idea is you are speaking to a skill or area in which you already have a lot of expertise, so hosting a teleseminar shouldn’t require a ton of research or planning on your part. Second of all, once you are done hosting your teleseminar (or teleseminar series), you’ve got it all recorded. Boom: You can immediately market these recordings as a new product, or replay them automatically. Instead of viewing a teleseminar or a series as a one-time deal that involves a huge amount of time and effort, try viewing them as the first step in the creation of a valuable product that you will be able to use again and again in your information marketing efforts.

How Do You Set Up a Teleseminar?

The specifics of setting up a teleseminar may feel a little difficult, especially for a first-time user. Essentially you use a conference line provider, which enables conference call capabilities, allow listeners to join through their web browsers, provide commenting function, and automatically record the call. If you’re stuck on how to get started or what topic to cover in your teleseminar, ask the experts. MarketBlazer can help you set up a simple, effective and demand-kindling teleseminar approach that works again and again.

Give MarketBlazer a call at 770-893-2443, or connect online and we can talk about your next steps with using Teleseminars to market your local business.

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