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Are you taking advantage of Mobile Marketing opportunities to effectively connect with your prospects and customers on the go? With Mobile Marketing strategies you can communicate with prospects and customers on the go with compiling messages to inform, educate and engage them as long-term clients.

Through the use of strategic Mobile Marketing techniques you will be able to connect with your target market on the Internet at times when they are not using a typical person computer. Americans today are spending an average of 3 hours per day on the Internet from their mobile device. The visibility and credibility you gain from utilizing these techniques will drive the success of your business.

Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobile Marketing strategies will also allow you to connect with your target market via Social Media in a more effective way. According to recent Facebook official statistics, more than 250 million users (out of over 750 million users) access Facebook using their mobile device. Mobile Social Media users are twice as active as non-mobile users. It allows you to take advantage of the shift in how consumers access the Internet so that your business emerges as a leader. These techniques are very cost-effective and many of them are completely free.

Utilizing Mobile tools such as mobile websites, text messaging and QR codes will drive traffic effectively to your site and to the front door of your business.

Recent Mobile Marketing Facts:

  • 5+ Billion Mobile phones worldwide!
  • 93% of US adults own a cell phone!
  • 97% of Text Messages are opened!
  • 83% of Text Messages are opened in less than one hour!

Summary of Mobile Marketing Components:

Mobile Websites:

Mobile websites are simply websites that are optimized to work at their best on mobile devices. Traditional web pages can be very slow loading and cumbersome to work with on a mobile device. However, by creating mobile websites, you facilitate the use of your website with mobile devices and make potential customers and existing clients more likely to stay on your page.

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Text Messaging / SMS:

A relative newcomer on the small business marketing stage, the open rate for Text Messaging dwarfs email and direct mail combined. Use this tactic to stay in contact with customers, and be sure to reward them for responding.

More Information on Text Messaging

QR Codes:

Every business wants to be on top of the latest in marketing and QR Codes are definitely a hot item right now. QR Codes or Quick Response Codes are becoming very popular for a variety of marketing uses. Essentially they are two-dimensional bar codes, easily identified by a square pattern of black cubes on a white background, providing quite a lot of information in a very small amount of space, thanks to a hardlink that is created with the code.

More Information on QR Codes

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