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Mobile Responsive Websites Are the Way of the Future

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Considering mobile’s importance in today’s business world, launching your own mobile responsive website is the only way to avoid getting left behind, so act now.

Yesterday was the best day to get a mobile responsive website – but today will work, too. Mobile’s prevalence makes it crucial to have a mobile responsive site, especially if you’re targeting customers outside the United States where mobile usage is even higher. There’s also another, more recent reason, and it’s name is Google.

Back in 2014, mobile usage finally overtook personal computing, as experts had been predicting it would for years. Most companies still weren’t ready for the shift, and mobile responsive websites were an unknown for most business owners. Now if you haven’t caught up to the mobile rocket ship, you’ve probably seen a downturn in your website’s ranking on the search engine results page.

Google Drops the Hammer on no-mobile websites

Early in 2015, Google announced that it would roll out an algorithm update that boosted the rankings of mobile-friendly sites in mobile search. Although this a) does not affect sites in traditional non-mobile search, and b) does not technically penalize sites that aren’t mobile-friendly, the effect is the same: sites that are oriented toward mobile use will rank better in mobile search, improving overall rankings and boosting traffic.

The Benefits of Responsive Design

A responsive site is one that automatically configures itself to meet the requirements of any device, whether that be a smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop or even a smart TV. With a responsive site, you can reach customers on any device, with the knowledge that the text, media and all other content will adjust to the needs of the person using it. Mobile responsive sites also transition easily between landscape and portrait use of mobile devices, and provide all-around flexibility so you can use only one website, all the time, for all your needs.

Even better, with a mobile responsive site, you use the same domain name for both your mobile and traditional sites, because they’re the same. This also means that any links to your site on mobile will also be meaningful for traditional search, so you’re always building your link equity. Nor will you have to reprogram your site down the road, because it will continue to work on new models of mobile devices without much, if any, adjustment.

Get Your Mobile Responsive Website

At MarketBlazer, we take our work very seriously. We’re so confident that clients will see outstanding results and be happy that we offer a no risk 30-day money back guarantee. This guarantee stems both from our belief in our product, and our belief that good business is the only kind, which is why we’ll never try to sell you a bunk product. We truly believe that mobile responsive design is the way of the future, but if it doesn’t work for you, you’ve got 30 days to change your mind and walk away. Of course, we don’t think that will happen, so we invite you to call 770-893-2443 or email us through our contact form. We hope to speak to you soon.

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