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Blogging builds your company’s reputation as an expert in your field and helps you create customer loyalty and branding. Blogging is one of the most effective ways of building customer confidence for any small business. Having a Blog that is regularly updated is an important addition to any marketing strategy.

It creates repeat traffic to your website as people return to check in on your Blog. It helps to identify you as an industry expert. It builds brand recognition. In addition, Blog posts often get picked up in search engine rankings and can therefore be used as a form of article marketing, especially when SEO (search engine optimization) techniques are employed in the writing.

Blogging: Content that Speaks Volumes about Your Business

Your Blog can also be used to help in your Demand Marketing. You can send short emails to your email marketing list with a link to your Blog whenever you add a new Blog post that has some teachable aspect to it. This is a good way to maximize the use you get from your Blog. In addition, RSS feed can constantly update those who subscribe to it with the latest installment of your Blog. This is a great tool to use in lead nurturing also. It ensures that you keep in touch with your client and give them information they can use.

It is important to remember to keep things fresh in your Blog. Do not simply repeat the same information over and over. Never copy and paste anything on your Blog as this is plagiarism. 

Update your Blog as regularly as possibly, at least a couple of times a week. If visitors come to your Blog and see that it has not been updated recently they will assume that it has been abandoned, as happens with many Blogs.

Remember that your Blog is an important marketing tool for your small business. In today’s market, more and more consumers are relying on relationships when it comes to deciding where they spend their money rather than traditional advertising. Blogging is one type of social media marketing that allows you to share information with those you are hoping to transform from prospect to customer. While there is limited opportunity for feedback on a Blog, your readers can send comments. Be sure to respond to them to enhance the relationship. A Blog is what every small business needs to help grow as solid base of potential new clients.

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