Article Marketing: Driving Customers to Your Website with Focused Content

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Want a steady stream of quality customers finding your site? Article Marketing can help you do so in a cost effective way.

Article Marketing is an effective, inexpensive method of information marketing. Through informative, unique articles potential customers learn about a variety of different topics that are directly related to your business. Using links, typically in the resource box at the end of an article, such customers can access your site for more information or to make a purchase.

Article Marketing is much more than a cost effective way to market and augment sales, especially when compared to many other methods. It brings truly qualified buyers to your site. Professionals who take the time to read an article and click through to the site are sufficiently interested in the topic and are more likely to buy than other visitors to your web site.

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Establishing yourself as an expert in your field and offering quality articles, that are informative and interesting, on a regular basis are key components to Article Marketing. Articles should be submitted to online magazines regularly and should cover a variety of topics related to your business. Use keywords in your articles that potential customers would use if searching for information on the product or service you are selling. Originality is critical to the success of your Article Marketing efforts as most sites that publish articles will check for plagiarism and will reject articles and even ban authors because of it. Be sure to also use titles that catch the attention of your readers.

Our prospects typically do research before making purchases. With Article Marketing your business will be presented to your prospects as a authority for your products and services. Not only will you have offered valuable information that the person is looking for, you will also provide a link to your site in the resource box at the end of the article, so the potential customer will know where to go to complete the sale. The confidence you build by sharing your knowledge will pay for itself with increased sales.

Article Marketing can be added to any marketing budget. Articles are fairly short, as little as 400 words, and can be written by anyone who is skilled at writing. Alternatively, Article Marketing can be outsourced for very reasonable rates. The best part is that you don’t have to pay for every individual lead you get. The sales increase in exchange for a relatively low investment can be immeasurable.

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