8 Web Design Principles that You Should Know

Website design is very important to a business that is hoping to do conversions with its website. No matter what conversion getting strategy a company implements, without a relevant website design, all its efforts will be wasted. Design is not about something that designers use to make a living. It is about marketing. It is about the product and how the product is supposed to work. When one is learning all he can about website design and its principles, he becomes better at website design. The author then wants to use this blog piece to share highlights on eight effective web design principles all designers should follow. The first principle is visual hierarchy. This involves making sure the human eye perceives what is on the page on a good order. Visual hierarchy attracts the attention of the eye and then keeps the visitor on the page. One has to understand that all features of a page are not equal and should determine what are more important. Then use colors to make the more important ones stand out. The author states that items on the page should be ranked based on the business objective of the page, otherwise, the ranking would fail. Other principles for good website design are featured on the blog.

Key Takeaways:

“The more I’ve learned about the principles of web design, the better results I’ve gotten.”

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