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How to Choose a Co-Marketing Partner: Experts Offer Tips

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Two of the fundamental features that are important for a co-marketing partnership are human communication and concrete results. People often ponder whether when choosing a partner they should depend on the stats of their website traffic and the size of their email list rather than on waiting to see how the relationship would turn out. That is why the author sets out to interview two experts on this blog to see what they would say about partnerships. When choosing a partner, we think about goal alignment and the provision of mutual value in the relationship. Without these two facts, the partnership would not even work. Some of the terms in the partnership would be exchanging backlinks, creating content together, or reselling products or services. Our growth and that of the partners should follow a similar pattern. The author states that they work with companies at the expansion stage of their businesses at his company and not with start up because the strategy, company size, and services of a start up will constantly shift. As for the parameters that one should look out for, they are traffic volume, backlink metrics, and keyword gap. These are important in the partnership. The author goes on to lists other important considerations for a co-marketing partnership.

Key Takeaways:

  • The author states that for a co-marketing partnership agreement to work, two fundamentals should be in it and they are human communication and concrete results.
  • Some of the questions to consider when analyzing a co-marketing partner is whether you should rely on the size of their email list or on the relationship evolving itself.
  • A partnership in marketing could involve exchanging backlinks, creating content together or reselling products but we want to have a partner whose goals are similar to our own.

"Learn about true stories inside from Amanda Nielsen, Strategic and Co-Marketing Partnerships Manager at New Breed and Gaetano Nino DiNardi, Director of Demand Generation at Nextiva."

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