Why Your Content Needs “Originality Nuggets” to be Effective

Too many marketers are focusing on the length of their content which is why they are producing many long content with no quality thing to say in the content. Many persons have realized that there are many 3000 words or more websites that they read without learning anything new. But the author notes that length is not a good reference point to use to analyzing content quality. Rather, a content is great when it drives traffic, a good fraction of the traffic that is brought to the website is qualified traffic, and the content can be used to drive leads or sales. That means, a good content drives business results. Some frameworks are enumerated on how to produce good content. Next on the definition is the mirage content that looks and feel like it should work because it is long but when measured for impact it is realized that it is ineffective to the business goals. Then a specific strategy was used to fix the mirage content problem. Then in this blog, another framework is introduced called the Originality nuggets to use in producing better content. The author then goes on to describe this new strategy, Originality nuggets, and how it works.

Key Takeaways:

“So, in our opinion, length is not a sufficient definition for great content.”

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