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Marketing Advisor Program

“Ray is an extremely experienced marketing expert. Deals with corporations nationally. Well versed in utilizing social marketing effectively also. I recommend him highly.”
Retail Condo Consulting | Atlanta, GA

“Ray is currently advising me on how to effectively market an upcoming business venture . He has saved me $1000s by showing me how to reach my target customer and where to best spend my marketing dollars. Thanks, Ray!”
Rosie Moves | Birmingham, AL

Marketing Coach Program

“…to grow our business, I’ve been working with Ray L. Perry with MarketBlazer. I cannot imagine getting better assistance and guidance on developing my marketing efforts than Ray has provided to me. Ray has both provided many ideas for things I need to do to develop my system, but maybe more importantly he has been an enthusiastic supporter of my efforts to develop my marketing strategy. I am pleased with my progress in developing my overall marketing strategy and tactics - but could not possibly have put things in place and understood what else I need to do without the support of Ray L. Perry and MarketBlazer.”
Tony Wright | Game Improvement Golf, Inc. | Knoxville, TN

“The Duct Tape Marketing materials are very focused and easy to incorporate into one's business. Ray L. Perry is very insightful and has been quite the catalyst for me to expand into marketing areas that I would have avoided in the past for lack of experience, such as Social Media. Ray has been generous with his help, advice and gracious with answering my questions. Ray provided me with concrete examples of what works, sent me additional material and overall, I'm very pleased with our coaching relationship.”
Moira Goggin | Chismet Consulting Corporation

“We knew we had holes in our marketing program… MarketBlazer caused us to re-evaluate our business objectives and re-define our product and service offering to better fit the opportunities in the market.”
Strategies2Integrate, Inc. | Colleyville, TX

"After struggling to find the correct market position for our product, MarketBlazer developed a strategic sales plan for new client recruitment. Their recommendation for a change in our pricing model allowed us to refocus our product sales into a broader market segment."
Metagenix, Inc. | Durham, NC

Virtual Marketing Manager Program

"MarketBlazer focused our attention on improving our Marketing Fundamentals and broadening our customer base by implementing Demand Marketing strategies. This effort has increased sales by 40%." | Dallas, TX

Interim Marketing Manager Program

"MarketBlazer’ in-depth product expertise, in-house training and support, knowledgeable solution selling expertise by market sector and organized approach provided us with an ideal solution to gain significant SME market penetration and increase our bottom line."
Corechange, Inc. | Boston, MA