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There’s a reason they made a movie about Facebook. There’s a reason it’s called the Social Network. And there’s a reason that no matter whom you talk to, pretty much without exception, you will hear the same answer: As a small business, you need to be on Facebook.

At the time of its inception, Facebook was a novel enterprise. Connecting with one person or even a few people online was already common practice via email, but the idea that you could connect with dozens or even hundreds at one time was completely new. Now that ability is crucial to small business success.

Can Marketing on Facebook Really Grow YOUR Local Business?

Need more proof? Facebook has over 900 million active users, almost 800 million of which are mobile. By sheer numbers alone, your small business ought to be on Facebook. Only a tiny fraction of those people need to be within a reasonable radius to make it worth it for you … and unless you live under a rock high on a mountain, then trust us, there are enough people. You. Need. Facebook.

What Is Facebook?

Facebook is a Social Networking website that allows you to create a detailed profile, upload photos and videos to share, and connect with others. By posting regular updates and keeping up on others’ posts, you maintain a “social” connection electronically. The ensuing “conversation” is much more freeform than email, the equivalent of a cocktail party rather than a serious talk.

How Does Facebook Work for Local Business?

Most small businesses use Facebook Pages, which does away with the concept of “friends” (you and another individual form a one-to-one connection) and introduces “likes” (where people “like” your public page to show support and become fans). These pages include business details, as well as information, links, photos and other media relevant to the local scene. The material you post generally has small organic reach, so many businesses choose to run ad campaigns, which then appear in the feeds of targeted Facebook users.

What Are the Benefits of Facebook Marketing for Small Business?

This informal, cocktail party-esque feel might seem shallow, but it actually performs a crucial function in allowing businesses to share regularly without spamming their customers or prospects. Think about it: If you sent an email to your list every time you had a thought or link to share, took a new picture or created a new video, or wrote an article, your list would shrink quickly. People don’t appreciate constant emails.

However, you can accomplish the same goals with Facebook, sharing everything important about your business without becoming obnoxious to the people who matter most to you. Plus, with really important messages – such as a major coupon or deal, or an anniversary sale – you now have more than one channel by which to share, increasing the chances that you will actually snag business.

Also, Facebook allows you to connect with people you don’t yet know, right in your local sphere of influence. While your email list is composed of people who already have some connection with you (even if they aren’t yet clients or customers), on Facebook you can reach out to and connect with complete strangers in your town or metro area, widening your pool of prospects substantially. Especially helpful are “lookalike audiences,” which allow you to target groups of people in specific geographic locations to use in your ad campaigns.

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Why Should You Care about Marketing on Facebook?

Possibly you’ve read through everything above and decided that while it all sounds fine, you still have enough customers without using Facebook a day in your life. Fair enough, but consider that “likes” offer important social credibility, and even if you don’t care, new customers reading up on you do. Plus, Facebook is an extremely valuable advertising network these days, allowing close targeting of prospects so you can find the right people. And as you grow your fan base, you will learn who likes your product or service, enabling you to tailor your business ever closer to those ideal customers.

If your business doesn’t have a custom-crafted marketing strategy for marketing on Facebook, you are missing out on what could be one of the most powerful lead generation tools available today. Odds are, your competitor is already reaping the benefits of being on Facebook. We can help you catch up and take advantage of this Social Media marketing platform – and you won’t even have to do the work. Give MarketBlazer a call at 770-893-2443, or connect online and we can talk about your next steps with using Facebook to market your local business.

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