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The internet has profoundly transformed the way people communicate and interact with each other. This change has also dramatically affected the business world by altering the way people shop for products and services.

Ten years ago, companies reached their consumers through trade shows, print advertising and other traditional marketing methods. Today people start their shopping experience by looking at the Internet and more specifically search engines, especially Google. In order to remain competitive, business websites need to be found on search engines and this takes a comprehensive search engine marketing strategy.

Are you using your website and online marketing to effectively leverage the Internet to reach out to prospects with targeted messages to inform, educate and engage them to become new customers?

Online Marketing is about delivering useful content to your ideal customer at the precise moment that a customer needs it. Today, businesses have the opportunity to leverage the Internet to reach out to customers effectively and inexpensively with targeted messages that customers seek out, not ignore. Turn your website into the focal point of your marketing strategy and learn to use your website as an effective lead generation machine.

Your next customer will research and evaluate your products and services through your website, your competitors website, social media and review sites long before they call you or get your salespeople involved. Purchase decisions have transformed into an interactive process driven by the customer, not the business owner. In fact, a call to your business or your competitors business may be the last step in the customers’ journey, greatly limiting your influence and expertise.

Your website may be the most valuable real estate your business owns. Using it wisely, you can go from having a merely informative website to one that moves your best prospects through the sales process faster.

Summary of Online Marketing Components

Website Design and Development:

Savvy marketers appreciate the potential inherent in their websites, and understand the value of their online real estate for generating profits. Getting an objective third-party Website Review can boost the value and productivity of your website by making sure it is everything it should be.

More Information on Website Design and Development:

Search Engine Optimization:

Get your website to move up higher in the search engine results, and your chances for prospects clicking through to your site grow dramatically. From discovering your best keywords to using them to generate more website traffic, SEO helps deliver prospective customers to your front door.

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Directory Marketing:

Directory Marketing gets your name out there and visible. It increases your presence in the marketplace as a company that has permanency. From an often free directory listing comes increased website traffic.

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