See These Helpful Tips to Make Your Facebook Page More Engaging

Facebook Page Marketing

Practically anyone you talk to these days regarding Facebook laments on the subject of getting more people engaged on their Facebook business page. Often they will turn to software for pumping up their Likes to get more traction, when in truth, a strategy based on sound simple tactics will work more wonder than they ever could have imagined.

Let’s take a peek at 5 of the best practices for creating engagement on your Facebook business page.

5 Easy tips to Optimize Facebook Engagement

Choose imagery wisely – The visuals you use on your posts and ads make a major difference. Be sure they are original and something you would share yourself.

Use call to actions in your cover photo – A recent addition to your arsenal is the ability to add one of 7 different calls to action into your cover image. Many times this can be useful to encourage actions and engagement.

Optimize your page descriptions and About sections – This is your opportunity to tell the world about you and your company. Don’t waste it! Make sure to include links to your other web properties, as well as giving a clear picture of who you are and what you’re about.

Publish frequently – Publishing infrequently is asking for mediocrity. If you’re not interested enough to come around everyday, chances are no one else will be either. Show up, and when you find a post that gets a good response, consider promoting it with a paid ad.

Answer people – If there are queries, comments or inquiries made by your followers, ensure that you respond to them quickly. You should never leave them in the lurch. Giving them a feedback as soon as you can tells them that you are still listening and encourages them to visit your page often.

When it comes to engagement the job is ultimately quite simple. Be there to answer, encourage and inform your fans. Nothing less will do.