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Ever wonder why it is so hard to market your small business yourself?

You don’t have to look far to understand why this question plagues so many. It really has to do with why folks get into business in the first place. The typical small business in America is started by someone who knows how to do something. It might be prepare taxes, how to assemble a certain type of gizmo, how to wire a ceiling fan, how to administer a network or how to plan a wedding. Almost never does this know-how include being able to market a business that does those things.

What if marketing was easy, almost automatic?

But what if I told you, no matter what your business claims to do or provide, you’re actually in the marketing business. That’s right – every business is actually a marketing business. Think about it for a moment. Do you really have a business without being able to reach and motivate a customer? You are in the marketing business! Marketing is an all-encompassing outlook that must inform every activity of your business. It isn’t just a department within your business. When you discover this outlook, marketing your business gets really, really easy.

Install a Marketing System – Work your Marketing System

The small business owner who uses the Duct Tape Marketing system comes to define marketing as: Getting people who have a specific need or problem, to know, like, trust and contact you. Getting a hot prospect to actually pick up the phone and seek you out is the dream situation for most small business owners. How many times have you made this statement, “if I can only get in front of a qualified prospect I can almost always turn them into a client?” A fully functioning Duct Tape Marketing system is the key to turning more leads into more customers.

Ultimately, with the systematic application of Duct Tape Marketing, the definition of the term marketing evolves to include this all-encompassing view, Getting people who have a specific need or problem to know, like, trust, do business with AND refer you to others who have the same need or problem.

That’s the value of a proven system: it delivers the keys to success every time. And it helps you leverage MORE success.

Interested in learning the Benefits of working with a Master Marketing Consultant, certified by Duct Tape Marketing? Click to learn about MarketBlazer and Duct Tape Marketing.

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