Our Methodology

Are you concerned that the practice of Marketing currently doesn’t have industry-standard processes, controls and activities like most other business disciplines?

To solve this problem, MarketBlazer has developed a standardized process with common tools and best practices to achieve success during the marketing process. In addition to our unique methodology, we became a Certified Marketing Consultant and meet regularly with top marketing experts from around the country to mastermind and stay on top of the constant changes in tactics, regulations and strategy

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The MarketBlazer Consulting Process

Our process is flexible. Different companies need different things. One size does not fit all. After understanding your specific situation and goals we adjust our process to support your needs. Although we offer a variety of marketing programs, we still approach each project with the same goal, to produce sustainable results for your company with the least amount of struggle.

Step 1:

Define Client Objectives

First, it is critical that we understand your business, market, competition and short and long-term goals with marketing. Additionally, we need to understand your marketing results, both successes and failures. Further, we need to understand the marketing effectiveness you have experienced both in product and/or service development and delivery. We begin with a Business Marketing Strategy Audit. This is a valuable tool that measures the effectiveness of your existing marketing strategy. This is completed prior to any formal business relationship.

Activity: Client completes Business Marketing Strategy Audit. Once submitted by Client, a review session of the Business Marketing Strategy Audit is scheduled.

Step 2:

In-house Marketing Assessment

With the information gathered from the Business Marketing Strategy Audit we then complete a comprehensive internal discovery process. We conduct a multi-phase discovery process which includes one-on-one interviews with management and key employees. The purpose of this step is to better understand and review your current marketing process, programs, strategy and implementation. This step is designed to find any holes in your marketing strategy, where your marketing dollars may be ineffective, and where your lead generation tactics may be incomplete.

Activity: Conduct multi-phase discovery process with management and key employees. If required, we conduct additional interviews with current and former customers.

Step 3:

Develop Marketing Action Plan

With the information gathered from the Business Marketing Strategy Audit and the internal discovery process we put into action the best marketing program for your business that will increase the effectiveness of your marketing and improve your marketing return on investment.

Activity: The Marketing Action Plan is a 'living' document, known as the marketing sprints, that contains specific deliverables and assigned action items.


• Business Marketing Strategy Audit provides valuable input from client

• Management and key employee interviews for greater clarity

• Development of Marketing Action Plan for better communications and organization

• Seven comprehensive Marketing Programs designed to fit clients’ specific need(s) and budget.

• Five flexible Consulting Programs detailed enough to solve any marketing problem and flexible enough to fit any size company.

• Three step process from discovery through to marketing action plan providing client a detailed roadmap with agreed upon deliverables and goals.

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