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Wix SEO vs. WordPress: 6.4M Domains Studied

Wix often has a very bad reputation within the SEO community relative to WordPress and most other content management systems. Ahrefs decided to take a closer look at why Wix has this perception of low quality, and to see whether or not it is justified. To do this, Ahrefs checked a sample of 6.4 million websites, half of which use Wix, and evaluated them against SEO metrics such as domain rating score, the number of referring domains and “dofollow” referring domains, and estimated organic traffic.

Key Takeaways:

  • The reputation that Wix has when it comes to SEO professionals is not great and the author confesses to that.
  • Many SEO professionals believe that WordPress is a superior CMS package to Wix and that Wix is even inferior to so many other CMS packages.
  • To verify if Wix is really that bad or if the reputation it has is just gossip, the authors had to consult 2.3 million Wix websites.

"Wix is doing everything in their power to change the negative perception amongst SEOs."

Read more: https://ahrefs.com/blog/wix-seo/

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