The Ultimate Guide to Google Analytics in 2019

Google analytics is very complicated and many people are confused by it. That is why the author created this cheatsheet to learning Google Analytics because to really get up to speed on it one has to do lots and lots of reading and spend much time on it. As a definition, Google Analytics provides one with in-depth information about his website or app. It also integrates with all of Google’s products and tools such as Google Ads. Google Analytics, or GA, has both a free and paid version. Free is recommended for small businesses while the paid version for enterprises because they have access to dedicated support and reporting. When one is ready to set up a site, he needs to add his website to Google Analytics for tracking purposes and then he is ready to receive analytics and data on the state of the site.

Key Takeaways:

“I’m not saying I’ve reached total mastery — there’s always something new to pick up — but I’m vastly more comfortable.”

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