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Driving Your Business with Dashboards

A dashboard report is a software application that is used to track and monitor the health of an organization or department by reporting on KPIs, business metrics, and analytics. Reporting dashboards have long been used in business intelligence to summarize information into instantly digestible analytics that provide at-a-glance visibility into business performance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Imagine tooling down the highway at a high rate of speed without the aid of a dashboard – you wouldn’t know how fast you are going, how your car is doing, even if you had enough gas to get to where you were going.
  • Just as a dashboard helps power your car – a dashboard is an important tool when it comes to easily accessing how well a business is doing. Measurement is the key to success, but you have to measure what matters.
  • To make sure you are on the right track to measuring what’s important for your business, I’ve put a list of metrics together that I like to measure and keep an eye on. Hopefully, this will help you when creating which metrics matter for your company.

"It’s important for a business to create a list of key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor that will help to give them a better idea of the health of their company."


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