3 Statistics That Show Why You Should Start a Podcast…And The Easy Way To Launch One

You may not realize it yet, but your business should have a podcast!

Podcasts as a Powerful Marketing Tool

The popularity of podcasts is exploding as is their influence on customer decisions.

And there’s a good reason for that.

Podcasts are convenient to listen to whether you are at home, driving your car, or at the gym. They are a perfect format for being able to communicate longer form content.

Combine those factors and it means you can get and hold the attention of your audience for a long period of time, giving you the opportunity to influence the products and services they decide to buy.

As marketing expert Gary Vaynerchuk said,

“It all comes down to buying underpriced attention … underpriced attention is podcasting”.

Podcast Statistics You Need to Know

Check out these three stats and you’ll see just how important podcasts have become:

And this infographic from Podcast Insights sheds some additional light on the podcast universe:

But Will Podcasting Work For Your Business?

That’s a very fair question.

It seems like podcasts are naturally a fit for certain types of businesses, and perhaps not others.

But we are continuously amazed at the podcasts that we see launching and having success. Even grocery stores (Trader Joe’s), banks (Umpqua Bank’s unconventional marketing includes a podcast about the taboos associated with money) and barber shops are getting in on the action.

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, a podcast will likely be a great fit for attracting potential customers to your business:

If you are in any professional services business where it’s critical that you establish that you are the authority in your field, then podcasts are an excellent vehicle to do so.

Fields like technology, marketing, and stock trading are constantly changing and customers need a way to keep up with the latest information. Your podcast can be a perfect way to keep them informed.

Is your business about a topic that people simply think is fun? If so, capitalize on it!

Restaurants, bars, theatres, concert venues – these are all excellent businesses for podcasts

How To Start Your Podcast the Easy Way

Thanks to some amazing services that are now available, starting a podcast can be done in a very quick, easy, and affordable way.

One of our favorite services is Anchor.fm.

Anchor.fm offers a service that allows you to record your episodes, edit them, host them, distribute them, and even make money from them – all at no cost to you.

You can literally launch your podcast in a single day using Anchor.fm! They have a handy, brief guide on how to get your podcast started that you can use to help you.

Start Speaking With Your Audience Today!

Podcast consumption is expected to continue to surge in the coming years. Start talking to your audience now and ride the wave!