Proven Strategies to Transform Your Marketing Into a Lead-Generating Machine!

  • Are You Fed Up with Not Being Found Online?
  • Are You Sick and Tired of Feast and Famine Cycles in Your Business?
  • Do You Want to Utilize Digital Marketing but Don't Know Where to Start?

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Take the first steps to building a marketing system that works for you 24/7 to deliver new leads and customers to your phone and inbox!

What's Inside?

Inside of the "Digital Marketing for Plumbers" eBook, you will discover the fundamental elements that make up the Plumbers Marketing Essentials Program.

The Plumbers Marketing Essentials Program was designed and built specifically to cater to the needs of Plumbers like you. The truth is, no single marketing tactic can get the job done alone these days. As a local Plumber, you need to have a total digital presence and be in all places front and center where your new ideal customer wants to find you.

Inside the information-packed pages of the "Digital Marketing for Plumbers" eBook we will answer some of the biggest marketing questions Plumbers like you have asked us over the years.

  • What is a proper strategy, and why is it critical to success?
  • How do I build a website that builds trust and authority?
  • What kind of content do I need to attract my ideal customers?
  • How do I show up at the top of Google?
  • What do I need to do to engage an audience on Social Media?
  • How do I get 5-star reviews from my happy customers?
  • What is a customer follow-up machine, and how do I build one?
  • Is paid lead generation worth it, and how can I get quick wins with it?

Get Your Free Copy of "Digital Marketing for Plumbers" eBook Today!

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We Bring New Customers to your Plumbing Business:

And help it thrive by building a predictable and dependable lead generation asset you can count on.

Are you Ready to have a professionally developed marketing strategy?

At MarketBlazer, we want your business to succeed. However, you may be facing any number of struggles that are holding you back. If any of these scenarios sound familiar, it’s time to look at what our marketing services can do for your company:

  • You have a lack of clarity in your marketing efforts.
  • You are feeling overwhelmed by the online marketing strategies in use today.
  • You aren’t sure your lead generation, content creation, and social media presence are effective.

The MarketBlazer Difference:

By working with us, you and your business will get:

  • A Customer Generating Marketing Machine: Our marketing system will consistently bring new customers to your business. Our system will provide you with the customers you need to build a consistent, sustainable business.
  • Build Trust and Authority in Your Customers Mind: We will be growing and amplifying your reviews and local reputation, making your business the only logical choice in the customer’s mind regardless of price.
  • Competitive Lockout in Your Service Area: We will not work with any other Plumber or competing businesses in your area. We will put our unique and powerful system to work exclusively towards your benefit.

Introducing the MarketBlazer Marketing Essentials Program:

Marketing is the way we promote and sell products and services. Sounds easy enough. But it’s more than that. It’s how we get people interested in a company’s brand, interested in the products and services it offers, and then transition that interest into sales. We’ve come a long way since the 1950s when modern marketing began to emerge. Today, with a truly global marketplace and access to billions of people via the internet, marketing is a whole new ball game.

There are so many options for finding your audience. How do you decide where to focus your time, energy, and marketing dollars? That's what the professional marketing team at MarketBlazer is here to accomplish for you.

The 9 Drivers of the MarketBlazer Marketing Essentials Program:

1. Marketing Strategy

2. Conversion Optimized Website

3. Content Marketing Platform

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

5. Paid Lead Generation

6. Customer Review & Reputation

7. Email Marketing

8. Social Media Management

9. Referral Marketing & Strategic Alliances

Get Your Free Copy of "Digital Marketing for Plumbers" eBook Today!

Click The “DOWNLOAD NOW” Button Below

Customer Reviews

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Ray L. Perry is a marketing consultant, business advisor and author. From the very first conversation you have with Ray, you will quickly discover that he speaks completely differently than most marketing people. Ray will ask about your business processes. He will ask about your sales team’s level of training. He will ask about the people from top to bottom in the organization and how well they understand where you want to go as a company.

Ray is the lead marketing coach and fractional CMO at Ray L. Perry Coaching, where he teaches the Customer Growth System Coaching Program, a 12-week coaching engagement for business owners with a small marketing team, who want to increase revenue and accelerate growth by installing a predictable growth framework.


Ray is also the founder and Chief Marketing Officer at MarketBlazer, Inc., a small business marketing agency specializing in lead generation, lead conversion, and customer engagement. Ray brings nearly three decades of leadership expertise in operations, sales, and marketing of technology-based products and services within start-up and high-growth entrepreneurial environments, plus C level management experience. Ray understands the marketing process and its role in supporting the growth of small businesses.

To learn more about Ray visit Ray L. Perry Coaching at or MarketBlazer, Inc. at

Ray is the author of several best-selling books, including:

-Renewable Referrals: How to Cultivate More Profits (2014)
-The Small Business Owners Guide to Local Lead Generation: Proven Strategies & Tips to Grow Your Business (2015)
-Do Leadership: A Step-by-Step Guide to Doing Thought Leadership (2016)
-Content Marketing for Local Search: Create Content that Google Loves & Prospects Devour (2019)

To learn more about Ray's books visit