Web Design Marietta

Web Design Marietta

What do you need to know before you decide which company is right for your business Web Design in Marietta?

If you need effective, eye-catching web design in Marietta, you may be unsure about where to turn. After all, you will likely come up with numerous results if you do a web search for designers. But how can you know which one is trustworthy and able to do what they say they can do for your business website?

A company’s track record is everything. It’s important to look for a company that has shown they can help businesses just like yours to increase traffic and conversions through on-point web design and SEO services.

In Marietta, MarketBlazer, is the premier marketing company offering web design and search optimization. This is what we do—our specialty, so you can be sure your business is in good hands when you work with us. If you want to bring great customers in and keep them around over the long haul, let us help you achieve your goals with our transformational web design and SEO services.

Why Is Good Design So Important?

Try this test. Think of a search term and head to Google. Put it in and click on one of the top results, then explore that site. Hunt around for the search term that brought you to the site, noting how long it takes you to find what you need and how simple it was to find. If it frustrated you or took more than 10 seconds, guess what? Chances are you wouldn’t patronize that site.

This is exactly the situation you want to avoid on your own website, and effective design can help you do just that. Let’s take a look at why it’s so important.

Why Does Design Matter?

Good design does much more than simply give leads that “ahhh” feeling of enjoyment that comes from viewing a lovely site. Although that is critically important too, a well-designed site should also enable them to navigate seamlessly and find what they’re looking for within a few seconds. To that end, your website must:

  • Leave a great first impression on your leads
  • Lead to awesome engagement with site content and therefore improve their engagement with your business overall
  • Convert shoppers into buyers
  • Keep those buyers by making the site easy to use not only the first time, but every time they visit

If your website doesn’t make you seem professional, capable and trustworthy, shoppers will be unlikely to become buyers. If it is difficult to navigate and doesn’t present needed information right up front, ditto. And while it may seem shallow, most prospects will also ditch you if your site isn’t visually appealing. The Internet is rife with options, and if yours isn’t among the best, it’s sayonara for you.

Luckily, with the right web design so accessible these days, there’s absolutely no reason to let that happen. With an expert marketer to help you design your site, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Finding a Web Designer in Marietta

A professional web designer with the kind of experience you need is hard to find, because they must juggle many balls at once. When you’re looking for a designer, there are several factors to keep in mind. First of all, they should have a stellar reputation for facilitating success. If you go with a new company, at least talk to them and ask for a few references. It is preferable to go with an established company that can detail their track record and has significant experience in the business.

Second, look at the designer’s website. It should do exactly what the company is promising to do for you – it should be easy to use, visually appealing and accessible for a range of needs. These include finding the information that you originally searched for, accessing the about page and contact information, and giving the user an enjoyable experience. Moreover, it must be professional and boost your confidence in their ability to do what they say they will for you.

Lastly, your web designer should just make you feel good—plain and simple. They should answer questions without hesitation, give you time to think without pressuring you and offer extra services only when they will make a real difference. (for instance, SEO is a great add-on service for web design). Only then can you know they’re trustworthy and want to help you more than they want to get money.

Get Professional Web Design Today

If you’re ready for web design in Marietta, our team at MarketBlazer is ready to take your marketing to the next level. As a technologically savvy agency specializing in small businesses, we can help you design a beautiful, SEO-optimized site that brings in customers and keeps them there. Get in touch with us today at 770-893-2443 to learn more.

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