Web Design Alpharetta

Web Design Alpharetta

What are your best options when it comes to Web Design in Alpharetta?

Are you trying to determine your best options for Web Design in Alpharetta? While there is no shortage of web design services in the area, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you get the right company working for your business.

First, you need to identify your primary objectives. Chances are you want a company that can transform your website to help you increase targeted traffic, keep prospects on the site when they visit, and turn leads into customers. But can high quality web design really do all that? The answer is yes, when you work with a company that incorporates design services with targeted SEO (search engine optimization). It’s a match made in heaven for your business marketing plan!

The truth is, it doesn’t matter how great your business model is, or how awesome your products and services are, if you can’t attract customers to your site and keep them long enough to learn about what you do. That’s where web design + SEO come into play.

Why Does Web Design Matter?

Let’s start with a little test. Think up a search term for something you might need. It can be a product or service, hobby toy, or pet supply…it doesn’t matter. Now search for that term and choose one of the search results near the top. Head to the website and click around, looking for the specific item or service you came to find. How long does it take you to locate it? How enjoyable is the experience? Would you choose to do business with this company?

These are the questions a prospective customer is asking themselves when they visit your site. If they can find the information they need, and if that information matches up well with the search terms they originally typed in, then both web design and SEO are on-point.

Unfortunately, that’s not true for most businesses. Design may be funky, navigation is often clunky, important facts or contact information is hidden, or there are other glaring problems. If you want a great presence on the Internet, you need the design to back it up.

The Perks of Smart Web Design

That’s not to say web design is merely a “perk.” As discussed above, it’s crucial. Good design involves a wide array of factors:

  • Seamlessly incorporating the search terms that brought visitors to your site in the first place
  • Visually pleasing the customer so they want to stick around
  • Being just as accessible on mobile as you are on desktop, so the people who search from phones and tablets can find you
  • Creating accessible navigation so leads can find what they’re looking for right away
  • Putting contact information and the about page front and center, so people can find what they need to trust you and get in touch

Effective design isn’t as intuitive as many people seem to think. Website visitors click around in predefined patterns, which experts know and amateurs do not. They search for information in routine, not randomized, ways. They expect certain elements of a site to be in clear locations. If they are, that’s great. But if not, you just lost a customer.

In order to qualify as well-designed, your site must be easy-to-use, visually-appealing, optimized for search engines, have a professional slant and an intuitive layout. It must give your potential customer what they need in 10 seconds or less, or they’re no longer your customer – plain and simple.

Finding the Right Design Services

Succeeding in your website design is all about finding the right designer to help you turn your site into a traffic driving machine. An experienced designer will think through the site design process with you, help establish what you really want to get from your site, work with your visual aesthetic and help you target the audience you really want to serve.

If you’re looking for Web Design in Alpharetta, our team at MarketBlazer, is ready to go to work for you. MarketBlazer is a marketing agency specializing in great design and seamlessly integrated SEO. This combination brings leads to your site and keeps them there, turning leads into customers. If that sounds good to you, give us a call today at 770-893-2443.

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