Outsource Web Design

Outsource Web Design

Article provided by: iAdroit, A division of Bantech Solutions

Outsource Web Design

Whether you are an individual in need of a new website or a marketer with multiple clients in need of professional web design services, if you don't have the time or the skills to do it yourself, you could outsource web design to a white label web design company like iAdroit. With iAdroit as your partner, we will be your go-to source for web design outsourcing. Because iAdroit is an Indian-owned company, you can expect our prices to be substantially lower than what you might expect to pay if you were to outsource your web design to a Western web design firm.

How Does Web Design Outsourcing Work?

The way it works is simple. You mark up the prices of your web design services, and iAdroit takes care of all of the website design and development tasks for you. You find the client, iAdroit does the work, and we both get paid. Reporting, communications, and intellectual property all belong to you. As a white label web design firm, you get to use our platform, and even though iAdroit is performing the web design for you, you get to take all of the credit!

Outsource to an Experienced Web Design Company

iAdroit is very experienced in web development and design. We use real-world steps to create beautiful, functional websites that surpass client expectations. When iAdroit starts a project, there is a series of steps that we implement to achieve the best possible outcomes, which can be stated as follows:

1. Establish the purpose of the project

Different clients have different needs. Some clients may have a blog that they intend to monetize with affiliate links or info products. Others may need a responsive website that showcases their portfolio to the world. By defining the purpose, we can design with the end goal in mind.

2. Develop a content strategy

Text, icons, images, and videos are all different forms of content on a website. Everything from the navigation bar to the footer should be carefully planned to establish a visual hierarchy on each page.

3. Draw sketches

Using a pen and sketchbook, we'll literally draw out the design of all pages by hand. This allows us to get the ideas out of our heads and on to paper. It is crucial to the success of the finished product that a complete plan is made before we begin designing.

4. Start the project

Once the sketches are complete, we'll use the guidelines and sketches that we've established to start designing with HTML, CSS, and JQuery.

5. Optimize the website

Either through a plugin or the HTML and CSS files of your website, we will optimize your website for performance and the search engines.

6. Launch

Once the design is complete, the website is ready to launch for the world to see. All we need is a webserver that will host the website.

7. Site Maintenance

Every month, we should be monitoring user behavior, updating plugins, updating content, and keeping the website fresh.