Building a Referral Marketing Strategy

Quick Start Guide by Ray L. Perry
co-author of "Renewable Referrals", "Local Lead Generation" and "Do Leadership"

About "Building A Referral Marketing Strategy" Quick Start Guide

Can a Referral Marketing Program really grow youir business? Only if you build the kind of customer referral program that works for everyone involved. Your customer must win. Your referral partner must win. You must win. There's a lot at stake - and a lot of potential gains hanging in the balance. If filling your sales funnel with more highly-qualified prospects who are ready to do business sounds good to you. That's what this Quick Start Guide is all about.

About MarketBlazer

Ray L. Perry

MarketBlazer is led by Chief Marketing Officer Ray L. Perry, a Master Duct Tape Marketing Consultant and Certified StoryBrand Guide, business advisor, and co-author of "Renewable Referrals" (2014)"The Small Business Owners Guide to Local Lead Generation" (2015), "Do Leadership" (2016) and the soon to be released Avid Strategy (2017).

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MarketBlazer offers cost-effective marketing programs including Inbound Marketing, Social Engagement and Reputation Management and specialized consulting programs including Marketing Advisor, Marketing Coach and Marketing Consultant. Each is designed to provide you the greatest value and flexibility for your specific marketing needs.

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At MarketBlazer, we use a variety of marketing strategies to attract and convert high-quality leads to ideal customers including a lead generating website, SEO, engaging content, social media, customer reviews and Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. Each is designed to quickly get your business more exposure, more traction and ultimately more leads.

What You're About To Discover

The ideas in this Quick Start Guide can help you tap into the most powerful form of marketing that exists; Referral Marketing.  Get started with your Refraal Marketing success, download the Referral Marketing Quick Start Guide NOW.

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