Las Vegas SEO

Las Vegas SEO

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Las Vegas SEO

Las Vegas SEO

Who invented Las Vegas SEO?

No matter what you've heard anyone claim, the Internet was not invented by a single person. The same applies to search engine optimization, or SEO. In the 1990s, when personal computers became affordable for regular people, the World Wide Web expanded and so did the way people searched for and found the information, products, or services they wanted. In the earliest days of the Internet, users often found it difficult to sort the abundance of information available from the ever-growing list of nascent websites. Some were sorted alphabetically by DMOZ and Yahoo like the Yellow Pages section of a phone book. In 1996, things like keywords and keyword density became more important. A number of dedicated individuals discovered the depths of database algorithms and the first Las Vegas SEO friendly search engines were born.

What is black-hat Las Vegas SEO?

Anyone familiar with old-school cowboy movies understands the difference between white hats and black hats. In a typical western film, the good guys wear the white hats, and the bad hombres sport hats that are black. Las Vegas SEO is a little bit like that. So-called black hat SEO involves techniques that may attract the attention of search engines while offering nothing in the way of value for Internet users. Keyword stuffing that jams plentiful search terms into content in a nonsensical fashion is one form of black hat SEO. Automated content and comments that are obviously 'written' by a bot is another form of unscrupulous search engine optimization. If you want to stay ahead of the game without resorting to black hat optimizing, be sure to hire an experienced and reliable outfit to manage all aspects of your website, including the Las Vegas SEO.

Will black hat SEO get my site banned?

In a word, yes. When Google catches a website using black hat SEO, they may exercise the option to ban the site from search rankings entirely. Black hat SEO techniques that may get a site banned include invisible links and un-viewable text. For instance, burying a hyperlink in a small text character, or setting the font size to an unreadable zero are black hat methods that may trigger a ban by Google. Deceptive doorway pages that automatically redirect traffic to an unrelated site are also likely to get a website banned.

What is white hat Las Vegas SEO?

White hat SEO in Las Vegas or anywhere involves a series of optimization techniques that attract the attention of search engines and lead traffic to useful web pages. Well-researched, relevant keywords and long-tail keyword phrases help websites move to the top of search engines ranking pages. High quality content that is share worthy is another effective white hat SEO technique. Relevant back links and internal hyperlinks may also boost a website's ranking with Google and other search engines.

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